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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Power Bank from Watsons *useless?!

I have been trying to use the power bank and I find that this power bank is not useful. It is always not charging my phone full. The power bank from Watsons which is free with purchase RM150 and above.

We are disappointed using this power bank. My dear complaining of it so much. Not just him, but I find that even I have charged the power bank but it is still not giving my phone to charge for long.

Are you using any power bank? Which brand is reliable?


  1. Wow free with purchase of RM150 and not working well :(

  2. maybe you should buy a new power a proper place and also have warranty :)

  3. Ya Sherry, you should buy power bank from a computer/phone/power bank shop :D

  4. Now their promo is free USB Pen Drive 8GB (worth RM49.90) with purchase of RM150 & above which doesn't really catches my attention but the previous one with the free Stylus Crystal Pen really catches my attention cause it looks really nice :D <3.<3


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