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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Postage prize to winner

This morning at Post Office Aeon Big Subang Jaya, they are many people in the post office I have the number of waiting at least 19 people before me. The Aeon Big Subang Jaya having renovation many shops not available near to KFC and Post Office.

Anyway info for my winner Noor Aina it is RD314915673MY by registered post. I also take this chance to mail prize for other winners in My Mom's Best contest.

Did you participate in Peraduan Mentos Cintai Malaysia 2013, the contest ends on Jan 14 2014. I have participate last month and received sms that I won the date of 25 December.

Need to mail them the wrapper of contest Mentos.

Peraaduan Mentos Cintai Malaysia 2013
D109, Block D,
Kelana Square,
Jalan SS7/26,
Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

I thought I lose one of the wrapper but I checked my sms again, I actually send twice same which means I didn't lose one of the wrapper. I mailed three wrappers of Mentos.


  1. I just bought 1 mentos yesterday....thinking of joining it .. :)

  2. @rokot nuluhon, go ahead give a try, you never know.

  3. @Akeyla Azmi, not sure what I won as not state what prize. Have to wait for their Prize to come. fingers crossed. :D

  4. it is nice to win something right? :)


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