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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Practice Spelling and doing other great stuff this Saturday

How's everyone doing? I bet most of you are sleeping at the this moment or sipping cup of coffee to stay awake.

Anyway, I have been trying to get teach son on spelling. Looks like many words still unknown to him though I have repeating explaining and teaching him to write. It's not easy to write Chinese words, the strokes can be complicated and one stroke goes wrong it will ruined the word and making it completely wrong word which doesn't make any sense at all.

It's nice to know friends going to watch Ah Beng movie on Saturday night in GSC One Utama. Are you one of them?

Son has good time playing and learning on Lego Bricks, I am sure you like to know more of this. Stay tune on my mom's best to find out.


  1. I also have to teach my 5yo boy his Chinese and English spelling. Having hard time teaching him. Some more I been a banana, need to learn those Chinese words and strokes as well. Lol.

  2. hi Rose it's not easy to teach now. I find the strokes have changes too though the word is the same. We are learning new words everyday.

  3. Some Chinese words are difficult to write so yeah it might be difficult to get him to understand it

  4. yes the strokes some words are not the same anymore.

  5. Yeah i remember the first time i learn how to write chinese it was hard cause i don't talk chinese in my house, we talk english all the time and my dad went to english school so he don't know how to write chinese. So i begin to learn it slowly myself and i did it now even other people says my writing is really nice hehe :D


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