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Monday, January 20, 2014

Tuition center every where

Being mommy of two boys, I need to find time to teach my son for homework and spelling plus other activities book which I purchased. I find that now they are many tuition centers. Each having their specialty and claiming they are the best etc. Do you think primary school students are too early to send for tuition center?

Some parents prefer two in one center which offer tuition and daycare. Some parents prefer one to one tuition for better guidance or result. Some parent with prefer center which is nearer to their home. Individual parent with different mind set.

Working parents would like to know where their children be and take care. I am not sure no parent want their children to be left behind.

I am sure parents would compare each center before decision on which tuition center to go. It also depends on the price of fee, some tuition centers request half year of tuition fee.

This will relate where the money we earning goes to.

We just want the best for our children.


  1. I was just posting on education and kids in my blog. We always want and think the best for the kids.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. About tuition centers, some parents send their kindergarten children to tuition centers too, especially for chinese tuition or they prefer to call it Chinese Enrichment classes.

  3. nowdays to raise a child is not easy kudos to every mom & dad :D

  4. @Rose yeah I read visited your blog post :D

  5. @mun some kindergarten offer extra class for them which is for tuition.

  6. @Kelly Chin, nowadays raise a child is not easy.

  7. It depends. If both parents need to work full time and unable to take care of the kids, tuition center cum day care is the best place. I'm lucky to have MIL to help so I do not need such tuition center to look after my kids. I would prefer them to have extra curriculum instead of tuition. Study all day will make them boring ! haha

  8. @mNhL, yeah some parents send them because they don't know Chinese unable to guide children homework.

  9. nowaday, having 2 sons are quite tiring but when but then they will take care of you..parents always want the best for their children :'D


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