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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Active toddler at home

Beware if you have toddler at home, mine is getting active. He knows to lock the door, so happen today when I'm away. My sister-in-law went out for collect the mail from mail box as going to rain soon. My toddler locked the door.

Looks like we will need to move the safety locks higher so that he's not able to reach. But he's clever, he would pull a chair to reach.

Just happened the other night, my door locked because my toddler pressed the button to lock. Lucky he wasn't inside the room, it took two hours for my dear to unlock my door. My door knob is almost broken but still we are using it, just need to beware of toddler around the house.

Having toddler running about in the home can give you a hard time. Imagine having my brother's twin gals at home. My dad's handful helping to care them. The twin had started kindergarten earlier than my toddler, both of them speaks very well compare to my toddler.


  1. Hah.... I can so relate to that. Thank God my toddlers have all grown up though my youngest still acts like one... because she can get away with it....

  2. @Miera Nadhirah Tan, that's why need beware of toddler.

    @Princess Neverland, yeah.


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