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Friday, March 21, 2014

TGI: School holiday start

I almost forgot that today is Friday, I mean it is last day for school. The school holiday starts for a week, do you have plan on this school holiday? How about tomorrow Saturday, then Sunday?

My friends asked if Mr. Peabody & Sherman are funny movie, whether they are suitable for kids. I watched the movie and I can say, if you hate history, don't worry this movie is not boring, you will enjoy learning about history in the fun way!

If you have no plan on this weekend, take this chance for the family event for family screening at TGV Cinema of 1 Utama and TGV Setiawalk Cinema, Puchong. The promo deal only for this weekend if you like to grab your hands on instant photo, spectacles of Mr. Peabody and Sherman. For more details, you may click on the link above.

This afternoon I was at Post Office to post winner Amirah prize of nameSherry giveaway by registered post. RD360613600MY.


  1. It's so nice to see the kids to have such a long holiday.

  2. yes time for movie, some parents say their exam over, time to treat time a movie :D

  3. It's nice that school holiday is here again :D And congrats again to Amirah ;)

  4. School holiday is always the best :D Cause it gives us students some time to relax :P

  5. School holiday is always the best :D Cause it gives us students some time to relax :P

  6. Another school holiday is coming again really soon :D What's your plan Sherry??


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