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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HyppTV Launches Malaysia's First Dedicated Malay Movie Channel

Today 26 March 2014, is the day where Hypptv Launches Malaysia's First Dedicated Malay Movie Channel, Malaysia's fastest growing IPTV service increase their local content offering with the launch of Dunia Sinema.

The launched Malaysia's first dedicated Malay movie channel exclusively for Malaysian audience in a star-studded event at its headquater, Menara TM. The new channel, Dunia Sinema (HyppTV Channel 814) is made available through TM's collaboration with Metrowealth Internation Group (MIG) to offer TM's UniFi as well as Streamyx 4Mbps and 8Mbps package subscribers with the best local blockbuster movies from MIG.

The new channel was launched by Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President of New Media, TM together with Mejar (K) David Teo, Chief Executive Officer of MIG.

Below picture of some local artistes that attended the launch. 

Above left picture of Mejer (K) David Teo, Chief Executive Officer of MIG. Right is Jeremy Kung, Executive Vise Preseident of NEw Media.

Dunia Sinema offers viewers various blockbuster movie genre ranging from romance, suspense, action and horror, making it a complete content offering for everyone especially fans of local movies. The movies line-up comprise a good mix of both new and favourite titles from the industry's top directors, producers and actors, which can be enjoyed by HyppTV subscribers with their families at the comfort of their couch at home or while on the movie via HyppTV Everywhere. HyppTV customers can subscribe to Dunia Sinema for a monthly subscription of only RM10 starting from 1 April 2014. In conjunction with the launch, HyppTV is offering a FREE viewing period for one of Dunia Sinema's title "I'm Not Single" from 28 March to 31 March 2014.

The ambience at the launching ceremony was further heated up with the appearance of popular seasoned and new artistes under MIG which include Farid Kamil, Shaheizy Sam, Diana Danielle, Eizlan Yusof just to name a few. Do you spot any artistes you know below picture?

Through TM's latest high speed broadband deal, subscribers will have the chance to upgrade to faster Internet broadband speeds for their UniFi and Streamyx. The deal offers UniFi customers a subscription to HyppTV Mega Pack or HyppTV Sports Pack at RM50 per month and a free package to VIP10 or VIP20. Through this deal, subscribers can enjoy total savings of RM1,200 for two years. For new VIP5 customers, they will get free HyppFlicks, a library of favourite Hollywood blockbuster movies and HyppTV Everywhere access for two smart devices and enjoy total savings of RM480 for two years. For Streamyx customers, the promotions will enable them to enjoy complimentary entertainment from either HyppTV Platinum Pack or HyppTV Ruby Pack if they subscribe or upgrade to 8Mbps to enjoy total savings of RM720 for two years.

For more info on HyppTV, log on to or visit their Facebook page.

You can some videos I captured and posted in instagram sherrygo.

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  1. More choices other than Astro now.

  2. Great writing... Love it... wish I could have attended but for the challenges I have to face this past week... =(

  3. you can check out free viewing start tonight

  4. Too bad i don't have HyppTV, we are using Astro


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