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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome picture Aquaria KLCC

During school holiday, we visited the Aquaria Klcc. We had welcome picture taken there but sad to say the price of a picture RM50 is way too much for us. Though we love the picture so much, we have to let it go. Our picture were taken there before enter to Aquaria Klcc, the staff saying it was welcome picture.

There's a price for it, as you know nothing is free. They didn't mention that they are giving it for free. Instead they said that RM60 for four more other sizes of photo along with photo taken for welcome picture.

RM50 I can buy a pack of milk powder for baby and some groceries.


  1. Wow, seriously?? RM50 for the welcome pictures?? That is crazy expensive, everything in KLCC is expensive :(

  2. Every touristy spot has these pictures.. they range anywhere from RM30-50.... I think it is a rip off. They should priced it more reasonably RM10-15. I am sure they make profit from there still and more people will buy... rather then RM30-50. In Phuket , they have it framed in plates and it is only I think about RM15-20 (if I am not mistaken)... but definitely more affordable

  3. yeah, it's too much. Framed on plate, yeah I saw it before but if they take the photo probably I think people would purchase. They just snap when you are coming down on bus, so not very nice shot.

  4. Yeah if it's RM10 ok la i think but if it is RM50, that is just rediculous :(


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