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Monday, March 17, 2014

nameSherry giveaway participants

I am sure you are excited to know what's your score for the nameSherry giveaway. Now my blog with 230 GFC Followers.
They are total of six participants for this giveaway with following points, red points used for

  1. Amirah Nuraisyah with 210 points 1-210
  2. Syuhada Salleh with 290 points 211-500
  3. Nurhazimah Hanan with 80 points 501-580
  4. Mea Away with 70 points 581-650
  5. Kamariah Zulkafali with 110 points 651-760
  6. Mastura Aziz with 130 points 761-890

Stay tune on this blog, to find who is going to be lucky winner of nameSherry giveaway.

Here's another update on Top Commentator for this month as following:

  1. Nicole 499
  2. Amirah 196
  3. Kamariah 3
  4. Masturah 1
  5. Princess Neverland 24
  6. Miss Mika 4
  7. Rose 4
  8. mNhL 2
  9. Wendy 3
  10. Nur hazimah 3
  11. Dominique Goh 1
Don't forget that March Top Commentator ends on 31 March, 12 midnight Malaysia time.


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