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Monday, May 19, 2014

How long can you hold if you are driving?

It's a Monday afternoon, are you feeling Monday's blue?

Last Saturday I head to 1 Utama, while driving I really have to hold. I am sure you know what I mean if what you need to hold.

It was raining in the morning and I reached 1 Utama about 50 minutes later. They have no accidents on road, just cars driving very slowly. The jam only clear after the tunnel down passing the Tropicanal City.

First thing after find the car park is going to restroom!

I remembered this situation happened to me before, when I head to Midvalley. But in Midvalley, I am unable to find any parking, it was school holiday then. I have no choice but double park and leave my contact at my wind screen of car to go nearest restroom.

What would you do if you need to go restroom while you are driving? How long can you hold?


  1. Oh dear. I dread having to be in such desperate situation. I tried to avoid but that is hard. If can, I will stop at petrol station to visit the washroom

  2. Very long oh... I can hold very very long but make sure dont goyang goyang the car lah, otherwise ter leak. hehe

  3. hi Rose I would go for stop for washroom but it's not available, some more bad jam which leave me no choice but hold..

  4. hi Merryn, yeah I have the thought how long can I hold, faster reach, come on cars move.. move...


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