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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dry Longan Soup recipe

Here's another recipe to share with you, yeah this is dessert Dry Longan Soup recipe from Tropicana Medical Centre. I attended the breastfeeding workshop, I was told that you can remove rock sugar from the recipe.

above picture is how its being served during media session, so everyone gets to try.

Dry Longan Soup

Portion: 4 servings
Serving plate: 4 pax
preparation time 20 minutes


  1. Water 1.6 litres
  2. Dry Longan 100gm
  3. Kei Chi 5 gm
  4. Red date 5 gm
  5. Rock sugar 100gm
  6. Quail Egg 4 nos
  1. Soak the dry longan for at least one day prior to cooking
  2. Heat up the water until the water is boiling
  3. Mix all ingredients into a clean pot
  4. Leave it to simmer with small fire for around 15 minutes until it is well cooked
  5. In the meantime, peel the shell of the quail eggs and put into the mixture
  6. The dry longan dessert is ready to be served
*rock sugar not suitable for diabetes patient. 


  1. yeah it can be soup or as dessert, nice for family. If diabetes patient can remove sugar from the ingredients.

  2. nice..simple recipe..healthy too..

    welcoming u to my blog..happy reading!!


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