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Monday, August 4, 2014

Philips Disney Lighting review

Above 1st light is Jack the Pirate the torch light.
2nd is the Disney Minnie Character lighting

For your info, I hang the Philips Disney lighting above my diy family photo. 

 The Jack the pirate torch light is very nice too, it needs 3 AAA batteries. You can see the brightness in the dark.
Cute torch light under the pillow for emergency use at night, in case of no electricity. Can also keep aside in drawer if want to use it. 
I am sure you are attracted to these cute Philips Disney Characters lighting too.

Above is the cute Disney Minnie Character lighting. Picture was capture in the dark room. 

 I am using my Samsung Note 2 phone to snap the pictures above. The sensor lamp is very strong, it needs to use 3 pieces of AAA batteries. Yeah it is sensitive to use in room, whenever there's movement of people walk in and out or you just stand up at your bedside you can see the lights on. It is just for a minute or less then it turn auto off itself.
Even the movement a kick in the blanket so hard or high up, the light of Disney Minnie will goes on. 
No kidding that's my dear says when it happened in the night. when son's feeling of a kick! 


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