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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Planes Fire & Rescue movie review

Yesterday is a movie night for son and me, above is my toddler holding up the stickers of Planes Fire & Rescue. We enjoy the movie from the start to the end of it.

If you love Planes movie, you'll like this it's more interesting and exciting this time where the fire fighters strive to rescue the cars and train. 

How Dusty the champion changed to be a firefighter? 
Something is wrong with Dusty's engine, he needs it replacement badly.
Dipper falls in love with Dusty, she loves watching him sleep.
A huge fire starts in the forest, how Dusty and his team mates going to save them all?
In this movie, you'll see many team work of firefighters.
A question that Dusty asked one of the firefighter team, how to get their picture up the wall. 

In this movie, Dusty make new friends in with many firefighter, he learns how to fly low and high to collect water, etc. It's not easy task being a firefighter, he nearly lost a friend in the incident.

Movie is rated PG13. 


  1. waaa its so happy u kid ... have a nice family...

  2. I'm planning to bring my son for this :)

  3. Hi CIntaHati Lina, thank you.

    Hi Merryn, great, your son will enjoy this movie.


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