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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Boxtrolls movie review

When Trouble Strikes Friends Stack Together

This week, we watched two movie premiere animation and son the lucky one that watch movie with me. You gonna love this movie if you love boxes, cheeses, hats.

The Boxtrolls, our favourite characters are Eggs and Fish. A baby boy is given to Boxtrolls to care because his dad was threaten by others. The red hat wanted to his dad to do something but he refused so red hat says he will take away his son from him. The baby boy is named Eggs because he's wearing box written Eggs. 
Boxtrolls is difference species of people living underground, they wear boxes in their life and never remove them. They are not human, they have different way of speech. Only Eggs can communicate with them, Eggs understands them. 
You'll see many hats in the movie and cheese to. You'll see white hat that loves his cheese so much, that he needs to choose between his cheese and daughter. 
How Eggs going to save his friends/family from the red hat?! 

We enjoy the movie from the start to the end. It's not scary movie, my son is not afraid to watch this movie.
Son nonstop saying the bad guy red hat... 
It's my first time to see someone in the movie allergy to cheese, but show how he still wants to force himself to eat or is he didn't know he has allergy reaction towards cheese? 

Personally, I love boxes and they are many boxes in my rooms. 

Thank you to #ChurpChurp 

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