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Monday, October 20, 2014


If you have seen Home Alone movie, you'll like this movie which is for 18 yr old above.

I had a date with my dear last night to watch this movie KRISTY. Name of movie is KRISTY because a gang started killing good gal and named those gal as KRISTY even though the gals name is not KRISTY. Many gals were killed and video taped and uploaded... this is sick I know.. 

A gal named Justine is going to spend Thanksgiving holiday alone time at her campus while her friends all back for their Thanksgiving holiday. Her friend Nicole, supposed to stay with Justine but she left too so she left behind her BMW car for Justine to use. One night Justine decided to go out to nearest Mart to purchase items. The nightmare starts from there, apparently she was mark for being nice and pretty by a stranger. 

The stranger is a gal with strange attitude, she starts calling Justine by Kristy! 

The night where the stranger gang are out for Justine, they want to kill her. So Justine is alone in Campus. There is a guard in the campus, another guard at the guard house. Will they survive?

Justine has boyfriend, he too left her campus alone though that someone is with her but he came back for her! 
How Justine is going to fight back when nobody is there to help her? 

Haley Bennett as Justine in the movie, bravo I like this movie very much. 
Yeah violence in this movie and killing too so it's not suitable for 18yr and below.
Just one thing I don't like about this movie is the noise of the movie, I find it very noisy and irritating. Not all of it but some of it, well I enjoy waching this movie from start to the end. 


  1. A good movie for Halloween. Lol. Used to enjoy this type of movies but as getting older, I dont have guts to watch alone. Lol. Yeap. Those sound effect can be irritating and more scary than the movie itself.

  2. hi Rose, hehe..yeah watch alone will need lot of guts.
    I wasn't watching alone. I was with my dear and hall is half full of people watch together. :D

  3. cam best je movie kristy. boleh layan ni. btw done follow u, follow mine too :) - Noob

  4. hi Prince of Noob, thanks for coming by, shall visit your blog ;D


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