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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Celebrity Fitness introduce first and exclusive RMT methodology in Asia

Yesterday I was invited to the Celebrity Fitness for the exclusive RMT methodology in Asia. I parked in the car in Midvalley, while I was going down the stairs, bunch of people were there. Believe me they are sales people which holding lucky ticket saying you won something?! Don't believe all that, don't ever take their card, if you do they will none stop bugging you. 

Back to my first attending the first RMT class in Malaysia, it was held in Celebrity Fitness in Nu Sentral. The first RMT class conducted by Vidal Coscolin, one of the 5 certified RMT Master Trainers in Asia. It's the new fitness program, I get to their their workout sessions.
Above Emcee of the day Fiqrie from Red FM Malaysia.

Celebrity Fitness to introduce first and exclusive RMT methodology in Asia. Celebrity Fitness launched the RMT Club at its "NU" gym in Nu Sentral, with celebrities like Yasmin Hani, Megan Tan, Johnson Low, Julie Woon, Nadia Heng, Evan Siau, Henly Hii, Orange Tan, Dannie One, Lin Kah Jun and many more participating in first RMT, even bloggers are invited to take part.

Watch my instagram video 1, video 2, and video 3 for the RMT Club and RMT Rope.
Welcome speech by Mr. Kris Malhotra, Country Group Fitness Manager of Celebrity Fitness. 

The RMT methodology encompasses Non-Dominant Side Training and functional strength training that utlizes both sides of the body to work together to move more and efficiently and athletically. The RMT Club and RMT Rope are designed specifically to complement the RMT methodology to achieve a full body workout.

Together with Elana, Kylie we get to workout together using the RMT Club and RMT Rope.
We are being split into two classes are we have over 50 people in the room, so one group to do the RMT Club first then another RMT Rope. After each session we switch to do another. 

We started with RMT Club. I am holding the RMT Club. 
As beginner we are given to try the beginner RMT Club, they have heavier RMT Club too. 

RMT Club is a first of its kind, highly dynamic, multi-fucntional training tool that teaches the principles of Rational Movement Training. Non-Dominant Side Training and functional strength training. The club does not just offer an incredible full body workout; but also unifies one's body while building strength coordination; balance and a greater range of motion. While the RMT Rope have one's both sides of the body work together so that the non-dominant side is contributing side and not hindering the overall performance. 

It's good workout with combination of RMT Club and RMT Rope! 
I find the RMT Rope more challenging than the RMT Club, don't worry if you can't handle it. The trainer will be there to train you, teaching you step by step. 

Thank you Celebrity Fitness for the RMT methodology experiences. 

Check out Celebrity Fitness for this RMT methodology.
The Celebrity Fitness flagship club introduces the whole new concept in terms of the clubs interior design and the equipment that cannot found in other clubs like the PURMOTION FTS100 Functional Zone Frae with cutting edge equipments like The Surge, The TIYR and DynamaX Balls.

Kindly contact Celebrity Fitness at 1300 - 222- FIT (348) or simply visit 


  1. woah. that RMT club looks so cool 0_o

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  2. hi Najlaa 'Aqilah, yes very good RMT Club to move it with correct guidance. :D


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