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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Penguins movie review

November is almost over, what have you plan for your children next month? It's still school holiday don't waste it as it's time for you to spend time with your children. 

My son likes the movie, he enjoy the movie from start to the end. 
Private the cute one, he's the last to hatch. 
Private is not just cute, he's more than that. 

Somehow a sentence which I don't think all children will know.

"Nicholas cage them" 

Nicholas Cage is a famous actor, if you have been watching his movie. Anyway, it may not mean anything for children who doesn't know him. 

Anyway movie is entertaining when comes to Dave who wants to ruin other life of penguins because he was once famous but no longer. He was being replacement by Penguins. He was put away and move away to other places.. 
Rico, Skipper, and Kowalski needs to rescue Private... how they do it? Watch the movie to find out. 

#thankyou #churpremiere #penguinsMY

Each movie has their stories, so if you looking for kids entertainment movie.
Big Hero 6


  1. Those are from Madagascar's characters right? I also planned to let my kids watch this. Must be nice movie.

  2. yes Rose, from Madagascar's characters.


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