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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shopping for family groceries

This morning I go out with my dear to have breakfast at SS15, Subang Jaya. The famous pork noodles shop where we have to wait at least 20 minutes for it to come. Then after he send me back, I waited around 10am to go Aeon Big to park and walk over to Subang Parade. I got my hair cut for RM18, a lady was earlier than me she started waiting at 10am. The lady that works in SS15, Subang Jaya says that she is living Ampang but come to Subang Jaya to work. It is convenient for her since she is living nearby LRT station at Ampang. After she left, then my turn to have my hair cut.

Only one staff at the salon, she was complaining that she works alone and needs to handle to salons. Another in Empire Shopping Gallery where she parked her car. Her colleague was on leave for few days to Thailand. Anyway she loves her job, she been a hairdresser for over 30 years.

So after my haircut, I have went to MBO Cinema to redeem my birthday tickets. I chosen to watch Kungfu Jungle movie. Then walk around a shop nearby Reject shop for shoes, try some shoes and nearly bought one but in my mind I was saying I have enough shoes. RM39.90 of a pair shoes I can purchase a pack of 1.9kg milk powder.

So at Aeon Big shopping for milk powder, RM39.90 for 1.9kg. Another choice was RM43.5 for 2kg. I certainly choose the 1.9kg over 2kg, I saw the same brand which selling in 99 cost RM41.xx. Anyway the family groceries cost me RM305.10. I bought six packets of milk powder, whole family is taking this milk powder even my kids. I also bought other milk dairy product for my son to bring school everyday to drink. So when I told my man, how much I spend on groceries, he was shock of the money spend. Milk powder prices as you know it would goes up and never comes down unless there's promotion.

Being mommy never easy, we need to think how much we need to spend and how much to use for family household and on personal etc. Tell me if your man do the counting for you?


  1. we as mommies must learn to budget groceries from now on.

  2. yeah Naderiey M, it's important to do that don't want overspend.

  3. A good and fruitful day. Yeah. Everything (not only milk) has gone up in price.

  4. hi Rose, yeah I thought so, if I don't purchase now the price will be up after the promo ends.


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