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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I attended the LumiAir's Behind-the-Scenes Session Today!‏

(L-R) Anthony Ikin, Choreographer of LumiAir; Sean Choo Shyang Lin, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon; Mr. HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Shopping Malls and Theme Parks; Susan Porrett, Director and Producer of LumiAir; and Emily Rowles, Lead Cast of LumiAir welcome everyone of all ages to enjoy LumiAir – A Cirque Extraordinaire!

The LumiAir's Behind-the-Scenes held at Sunway Resort Hotel. 

This year-end, Sunway Lagoon has a treat for just about everyone, family and friends, when its Amphitheatre will come alive with the much anticipated LumiAir – A Cirque Extraordinaire.
Held for the first time in Malaysia, the production is a must-attend show which features something for everyone including grand cirque style sequences using big apparatus for spectacular tricks in the air and drama with breathtaking acrobatic ballet scenes that touch the soul. The show is also set to captivate audience with scenes featuring lighting and magical illusions and intertwined with humourous breaks by the performers, all set to make an unforgettable experience for everyone.

 (L-R) Susan Porrett, Director and Producer of LumiAir and Anthony Ikin, Choreographer of LumiAir sharing some exciting highlights of LumiAir – A Cirque Extraordinaire.

The partnership between Sunway Lagoon and LumiAir comes at no better time, commemorating Sunway Group’s 40th anniversary, Watching behind-the-scenes today, I want to see more of the LumiAir. Check out my 15 seconds instagram video to view the video clip, you'll love it.

Above is Anthony Ikin in action, watch him in action video 1, and video 2.
Above is Emily Rowles in action, wanna see more of her? click video 2 link above.

LumiAir – Cirque Extraordinaire is produced by Susan Porett, who carries with her 20 years of experience in all forms of live shows and theatre entertainment. Her incredible knowledge of the industry comes from years of travelling the world as both performer and producer.

Choreographing the entire production is current World Aerobics champion, Anthony Ikin, whose extensive experience ranges from soloist at Paris’ Moulin Rouge, to being a choreographic consultant for Gymnastics Australia. For LumiAir, Anthony will combine his expertise with Daniella Winter, a past choreographer for Australia’s Got Talent to truly make for a spectacular performance.
A lovely photo of me and Emily Rowles

LumiAir will run every Tuesday to Sunday from 29 November to 24 December at 7.30pm. Ticket prices for LumiAir are available starting from RM90* for children and RM110* for adults. Book your tickets now at *Ticket prices are inclusive of snack and bottled water
Also, in conjunction with the show, Sunway Pals, a loyalty programme that rewards customers with loyalty points every time they spend at Sunway’s business entities and participating merchants, is giving you a chance to win cash and LumiAir tickets.

In line with its ‘Sign Up & Win RM10,000 Weekly’ campaign from 27 October to 23 November, you can bring home RM10,000 cash or two LumiAir tickets each when you sign up as a member at Sunway Pals Membership Counter (Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid) by answering two simple questions and spending a minimum of RM30 at any of Sunway Pyramid’s 280 participating merchants or Sunway business entities within Sunway Resort City. Find out more at

For more information, kindly contact Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 0000 or log on to Sunway Lagoon’s website at or its Facebook page at


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