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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ladies beware if you are in the mall alone

Warning this post special for ladies who are in the mall alone. It might an old news or it's been going on in other places as well. It's important to take note of your surrounding and people around you.

Today I was in the mall, this is one of my favourite mall where I go often. It is Sunway Pyramid, I was going to the event then I notice someone following me. It started on the bench out side the outlet Kitschen. I seated where the guy also seated, I open my bag to put in the items I have shopped. As I am going to Sunway Convention Center. It was not obvious at first but it started when I going up escalator, he too following from behind. From there, I find it suspicious so I walk further more, he just keep following me. Then until a stall nearby the egg stall, I purposely go there to stand there at the stall, he was coming and then he spotted me. He's wearing casual, and holding cell phone in his hand all the time. He noticed that I saw him, he didn't want to walk towards me, instead he goes back the escalator to go down then pretend looking up to see if I was looking at him. Well, I did in fact I pointed to my friend that I bumped into that that's the guy who was following me.

Anyway before I heading back home. Another guy started following me, he was wearing casual with a sling bag across his shoulder, first he was walking side by side with me then he walk further bit and turn to look at me again. Then he goes a nearby shop to stand like he is looking at something, so I continue walk towards the end of the fashion street. Then I stand nearby the pink shop, I go nearer the escalator pretending looking down the blue concourse. So he spotted me knowing he was around. He walk into Aeon and then he turn to see if I am still there. Well, I am still standing near the escalator outside Asean Avenue Street.

So this incident happened, today not once but twice.

Last night I was outside TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid, there were two guys standing there. He saw I am alone then he come to me for donation money.

It can be happening anywhere anytime, so just watch your back!

About guy approach asking for donation money with the card they have in card, it also happened to me once in Guardian at Midvally. But not the same guy, and when I show no interest look, he faster keep back the card in the pocket and walk away.

Another time at KTM Midvalley, when I was going down the escalator, a lady was there and her friends. They started giving out lucky draw cards saying that you are lucky today, scratch your card to see what you have win today?! I refuse to do so, the guy then angry and saying you need to scratch what you have win. I didn't do so and he ask to return the card.


  1. Luckily u r alright now. Really hv to beware eventhough in a big shopping mall

  2. Gosh. That was scary. Yes. Must be alert and aware of people and surrounding.

    Thanks for sharing Sherry. Merry Xmas to you.

  3. 5 little angels, not just mall, our surroundings also.

  4. Rose, yeah what a day, happened twice a day to me. Lucky I am alert of my surronding

  5. Glad to know you are alright now. Be extra alert especially when alone!

  6. yeah Elana, need to be alert where ever we go.

  7. Lucky you were aware and alert, so scary to hear all these nowadays, we ladies must take more alert and more cautious when we go somewhere alone..

  8. bebesmokey, yeah even before going to my car, I need to get my car keys ready. Car park even more quiet.

  9. lol i'm very alert, I observe people a lot and I can recognize people who passed by. A few times the same people asked for donation and they think I dont remember them -___- it was just 30 minutes apart! I said I need to use my money to get back house also they forced me to give money. Poyo.

    Havent been stalked by random people in malls but my shopkeepers, yes. They think I steal stuff when I never did. Urgh. And it's the same people who keep following my back when I browse their shop. sob.

    But yeah us woman need to be careful :/ Men think they can do anything to us.

  10. Scary... I agree... we have to be very careful if we are in the mall alone...

  11. Cik Iman, about shopping in shop yeah .. don't like the feeling of being follow when you are browsing.. so never bother to continue to shop there.

  12. Miera, just look behind you , if you are walking alone, you never know.


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