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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


After the day I attended the up-closed and personal with The Mastermind of LumiAir, I have waiting to watch the LumiAir show. If you haven't plan for this December get start now because the LumiAir is available everyday except Monday until 24 December 2014. 

My son loves it so much, he's enjoying the show from the start to the end. Thank you Sunway Lagoon for inviting us for the LumiAir- Gala Premiere!

For the very first time in Malaysia- LumiAir- A Cirque Sensation finally made its much anticipated debut at Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon. It is thrilling two hour performance that every enjoy. 

LumiAir - A Cirque Sensation is produced by Susan Porett, who carries with her 20 years of experience in various live shows and theatre entertainment. Her in-dept knowledge of the industry comes from years of travelling the world as both performer and producer. 

The night where everyone is awaiting to watch the LumiAir - A Cirque Sensation. The one of a kind production is set to wow audiences of all ages with an extraordinary cast that is made up of cirque characters, beautiful dancers and breath taking acrobatic performances. Brought to life in an illusion of color and vibrant energy LumiAir is complemented with brilliant costumes, stunning scenery and sate of the art production - a unique treat for the senses unlike any other.

photo credit to Miera. They are Jesters, 3 mischievous, energy filled and humorous clowns known by the names of Trivo, Shaco and Jolio. 

Photo credit to Miera
The night with the big ball rolling with help of Jesters and audience, yeah the ball goes to the audience too. It's fun and entertaining night for everyone. 
Photo credit to Miera. Prince of LumiAir, he's mastering the giant Wheel, it's dangerous machine that you are been warn not to try this at home! The moment where we never blink our eyes to watch.. 

Choreographing the entire production is current World Aerobics champion, Anthony Ikin, whose extensive experience ranges from soloist at Paris' Moulin Rounge, to being a choreographic consultant for Gymnastics Australia. For LumiAir, Anthony will combine his expertise with Danielle Winter, a past choreographer for Australia's Got Talent to truly make for a spectacular performance.
Don't worry if you need a break for the restroom, between the show they will have a 15 minutes of break for you to go restroom. 

JJ was one of the speaker in the night!

After the performance, son is happy to some pictures taken with his favorite LumiAir.

From left The Herald, she is beautiful and hypnotic opera voice, she has beautiful voice. 
On the right is Emily Rowles as Diamond, she's an innocent girl who trapped in darkness, find out how she discovers a single beam of light, and a handsome prince in the LumiAir.
Check out my instagram video, spot your favourite LumiAir characters. 

Photo opportunity time, we have some photo moment with LumiAir- A Cirque Sensation characters. 
Each and everyone of them are amazing and done a wonderful performance. 
You got to see it to believe it! 

For your info, the first eight shows have already been sold out, indicating how well received and awesome is LumiAir.

For more information, kindly contact Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 0000 or log on to Sunway Lagoon’s website at or its Facebook page at

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