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Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

Last Saturday, we head to my bro place as his twin daughters birthday. Time fly, the gals are very talkative now. That's why they started kindergarten last year. As for my toddler, you can see he's very active at the back of this picture above. My bro twin daughters are 3 year old, my toddler is a year older than them but his speech is slower than them. 

I haven't see my 2nd bro's twins for a long time. They are in UK, yeah my family with two set of twins. Both from my brothers, even my eldest sister and elder sister they are twins. They are not identical twins, even my brothers' twins. 

It's going to be a busy year 2015 for me, being a driver to my boys. My toddler starting his kindergarten this year and his big bro going to tuition further away from school. It's a tough year for my son as he's Standard Three, more challenge on studies. He might need to take up extra activities in school maybe drum or badminton or football. He hasn't decide which he has interest yet. 

This morning brought my son to collection prize I won last year. Jaya One I find that there's outdoor parking but sad to say it is all under valet parking so RM8 for that. I didn't park there as it is so expensive, I went parking in jaya school. I didn't park for long hours and out time is free of charge. Waze once again bring me long journey and wrong turns plus wasting my time to find the place. 
Columbia Hospital which is not far from Jaya One, it was a furniture mall. I used to work near there, that time a company near the furniture mall called Infinity2. 
above Disney goodies. 
I also collected the Kidzania tickets I won so I can arrange a day to bring son for his Kidzania. Kidzania a playground or learning ground for children, the place where my son loves.

Talking of New Year, Chinese New Year is next month. Last Saturday night we headed to NSK to shop some cooking needs there for CNY. Yeah price has gone up for the black fungus. 


  1. Everything is expensive now. GST not implemented yet!!

    Usually girls are more talkative and develop faster than boys. My boy also slow. Only really talk when about 3. The big sister was very chatty. Talk before she was 1!

  2. Hi Rose, wow you daughter so fast chatty. :D yeah GST not implemented yet my friend even saying she started shopping her clothes 2015 last Dec 2014.


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