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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Server unavailable Watsons website

How's everyone doing? I can hear thunder here but there is no rain yet. So now I have time to do online registration to activate my Watsons member card. Sad to say after many times of trying their server unavailable at their website. It's completely waste of time.

By the way they are having iPhone 6 contests that you can check out their website for info. I am sure there is terms to join their contest. Online shopping with their website to join their contest.

Next Monday school start, are you ready? My son thought yesterday start and he woke up worry that he's late to school. I find that my son asks me many questions, instead of asking his dad.

Now is January, are you watching any new movie in cinema? I have interest to watch Taken 3, just waiting to see if any contest that I can win to watch.

So talking of member cards, I have got so many in my wallet. Well it's never enough there will be more and more coming asking you to sign up! Anyway if I seldom use them I wouldn't sign them up. Its just taking spaces in my wallet. There was a time my cards fall out of my wallet, lucky I pick up every piece of it. But sad I lost a card, that's MBO cinema member card. To replacement the card I need go MBO to pay RM2 for replacement. I used it last few weeks back, I didn't notice that I haven't get the card return to me and they no longer keeping my card. So I need to pay RM2 to replacement my card.


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