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Thursday, January 8, 2015

My makeup post, create my 2015 look

Ladies have you start your 2015 makeup look? It's exciting as it's my first post on this blog about makeup post on create my 2015 look. Being mommy of two boys, I also need to pamper self with beauty products. Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, above beauty products are part of beauty box I received. 

I name put alphabets on the cosmetics products above.
a. Maybelline New York Color Show - Pink Voltage 010
b. Maybelline New York Baby Lips electro pop - water melon flavor (pink shock)
c. Collection Hotlights Lipgloss - 3 Glimmer
d. Dollywink eyeliner - black

a. Maybelline New York Color Show - Pink Voltage 010
Let's check out my nails first, as I love nail polish. I tried out the Maybelline New York Color Show, pink!

Above is pink color- I applied one layer of the Pink Voltage on my nails. 
Above picture is result of after applied two layer of the nail polish. 
I like pink color, this is sweet pink color for every gal. 

 b. Maybelline New York Baby Lips electro pop - water melon flavor (pink shock)
You are look at Maybelline New York  Baby Lips eletrco pop, 
it has light scene of watermelon flavor.
This is pink shock as it is pink color as you can see.

I applied this at home or outdoor. This colored lip balm can last up to 8 hours moisture and hydration.
You can reapply them if you have taken lunch or dinner. 
I swipe the lip balm on my hand as you can see above picture, first swipe is lighter, second swipe more pink. 
I put on two layer on my lips though one layer is enough but I like it double. :D
The product contained of shea butter & vitamin E. It gives the lips a soft and natural finish and leaves a supple and smooth feeling.

c. Collection Hotlights Lip gloss - 3 Glimmer
Collection Hotlights Lip gloss, . 

Want to know why it is call Hotlights? Look below as this lip gloss has got light!
No kidding, it's very fun to use the lip gloss, the side of the product also have a mirror.
There's a seal around the mirror, so you need to peel it off else the mirror will not be clear.
Once I twist open the bottle, I can see the bright light.

I used the product in the room, it is dark as I didn't turn on the light in the room. 
You can see above picture, 
 Collection Hotlights Lip gloss - 3 Glimmer is the one I used. 3 Glimmer is the shade I received.

 Collection Hotlights Lip gloss is 6ml. 

d. Dollywink eyeliner - black
The Dollywink eyeliner is black in color. It is easy to use and dry fast after applied on eye lids. 

Above with my casual look with the Dollywink eyeliner and Maybelline New York Baby Lips. 
How you like my simple and easy makeup look?

It is up to you on how you want to create your makeup look for year 2015. 


  1. Very simple and natural. I like that. No so into makeup nowadays but I would go for lip gloss and eye liner when I go out.

  2. hi Rose, yeah simple. Makeup is up. but I need lot practice. :D

  3. Looks glam.... have fun experimenting my dear friend...

  4. Hi MIera, show me yours, I am sure you have fun too. ;D


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