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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spring Reunion 2015

Let me begin my blog post with food related to Spring Reunion.

Chinese New Year is next month, have you plan on where to bring your family to have Spring Reunion? 

This Springtime is a season of renewal, when new life springs forth after the cold and passiveness of winter. Similarly, Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a time of fresh beginnings, a time to celebrate family reunion which traditional delights, auspicious, dishes and sumptuous feasts. This time to celebrate can also with friends and colleagues. 

Chinese New Year is next month I have friends with interest to know where they can bring their family for dining. Some of them already know that they can indulge in authentic Cantonese cuisine at any Tai Thong restaurant

Sharing is caring, so I am sharing with you what must eat in Tai Thong restaurant, of course they have many dishes on menu you can choose and try. 
Golden Fortune Yee Sang

Yee Sang is a must during Chinese New Year, check out this Golden Fortune Yee Sang. this is healthy fruit-flavoured yee sang now featured sliced fresh star fruit, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and black sesame, all to add more flavor and texture that ever before! 

My first yee sang of the year 2015.

You can find the Golden Fortune Yee Sang or Double Happiness Yee Sang at Tai Thong.
Half or full portions are price at RM68++ (half portion) and RM98++ (full portion) respectively.

The Golden Fortune Yee Sang is healthy fruity and you will want to have second bites after having first plate. 

Who doesn't like soup? For Chinese it is better to have soup to drink during lunch or dinner. Don't ask me why as seem it is a traditional which runs in the family. Sometimes I no take any soup in during lunch, usually we have soup during dinner. How about you? Above picture you are looking at the Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Chinese Cordyceps.

Sauteed Scallops and Prawns with Asparagus and Fresh Lily Bulbs, nice to eat with rice. 

Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat.
I like waxed meat, how about you?
So you see it's sizzling hot smoke coming out of the pot.

Don't worry you don't need to mix the rice and waxed meat by yourself.

You are looking at Golden Treasure Poon Choy 

Infusing the traditional Poon Choy with contemporary Szechuan-inspired twist, Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong has created Golden Treasure Poon Choy, which uses a Sour and Spicy sauce as its base. Definitely a unique sensation for the taste buds, this Poon Choy is a must for those with an adventurous palate. 

Filled with exotic spices, fiery flavours and a treasure trove of assorted seafood, including fish maw, sea cucumber, squid, conpoy, tiger prawn and dried oyster.
I like the taste of Sour and Spicy, every bite of it and second round for more and sauce at base.

For your info Golden Treasure Poon Choy is price RM298++ for 5 pax and RM498++ for 10 pax. Advance orders are advisable and take away is also available. 

Sesame Balls with "Nian Gao" and red Red Bean Paste

Yummy at every bite, crunchy every bite. For a different take on classic "Nian Gao"; this is sesame-coated glutinous rice dumplings find with two sweet and sticky flavours - velvety soft red bean paste and homemade classic "Nian Gao". Beware it's hot so take each bite slowly! 
Each portion of 6 is priced at RM13.80++.

Mini Eight Treasures Rice
It's my first time to see such colorful rice. What is this called? This is famous Mini Eight Treasures Rice in Chinese called "ba bao fan" served during Chinese New Year celebrations. This is classic sticky and sweet dessert, made from glutinous rice and eight types of cooked dried fruit that, according to Chinese medicine, are mean to provide therapeutic effect.

A feast to the eyes as well as your taste buds, above you are looking at six Mini Eight Treasures Rice. Each Mini Eight Treasures Rice comprises of glutinous rice, pumpkin, lotus seeds, raisins, dried apricots, as well as red and green cherries, all drizzled with fragrant Osmanthus syrup.

Each Mini Eight Treasures Rice is priced at RM9.80++ per serving.

Cute dough figurines, goat and dragon, part of my companion during the dinner. They are not for sale! 

 Find the atmosphere familiar? This is Imperial Garden, Petaling Jaya. It is located next to Armada Hotel. You won't miss the place, they have parking inside the buildling. This is the full address Imperial Garden, 7th Floor, Intan Square, No. 3, Lorong Utara C, 46200 Petaling Jaya.

 Tai Thong's Chinese New Year Set Menus are priced between RM498++ to RM1488++ for 6 pax and RM798++ to RM2398++ for 10 pax. For your info, for any 10 pax set menu chosen, Tai Thong is also giving out complimentary bottles of 640ml Asahi Beer.

All Tai Thong Chinese New Year promotions ends 5 March 2015.


  1. Nice restaurant for reunion dinner.

  2. I like their foods too,went this branch to have CNY foods with Jack Lam fr their movie celebration night on last year CNY,nice sharing sherry :)

  3. gosh... look so nice!!!! Too bad non halal and I not invited... huhuh

  4. hi Rose, yeah nice restaurant, it's nice for wedding to held there too.

  5. hi Elana, yeah sesame ball, so crispy.. each bite.. :D

  6. hi Shannie, you can plan CNY reunion dinner there with your family. :D


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