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Friday, March 13, 2015

Movie Review: Cinderrella

Spoiler Alert!
I am sure you have many childhood movies, can you remember Cinderella? I recalled watching the animation of Cinderella when I was young. 

I enjoy watching Cinderella with my dear, this movie is suitable for kids to watch too. We enjoy the movie from start to the end. Cinderella actual named is Ella, Cinderella named given by her by her step sisters. She became an orphan when her dad passed away, before that was her mom. Her mom told her always be courage and be kind in her life. She listened to her advice but things never go her way, but she never gives up. In the movie, involved of a big pumpkin, two lizards, a goose and four mouses. Cinderella didn't leave the house, her step mother and step sisters continue living there after her dad passed away. 

If you love fashion show, you'll find this movie nice to watch because many beautiful dresses you can see especially during the ball. 

There is some comedy in the movie, which makes everyone of us having a good laugh. 

My friend asked me to do movie review for this movie as she worries the movie will be suitable for her suitable to watch. I know what she means some movies just twist and turn the story which making it ridiculous or not worth watching. No worry friend, this movie is suitable for children to watch.
School holiday will be a great time to spend with family to watch this movie.

Thanks to Klips for the movie passes. 

I love Cate Blancett, it's my first time to see her character of being a step mother. How about you?


  1. I love Cate Blancett's acting. So she is the evil stepmother?

    Cinderella is a classic. I think every children especially girls would know the story.

  2. Hi Rose, yes she is the evil stepmother :D yeah I love her acting too. :D Agree with ya.. girls love it.

  3. After reading your review, I might bring kids to watch. Thanks


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