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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meet & Greet with Felixia Yeap (Rara) at MYDIN USJ

This afternoon I attended the Meet & Greet with Felixia Yeap (Rara)

PTS Media Group Sdn Bhd is a commercial company actively involved in publishing and distribution of books in Malay language. PTS introduces "Book for All" in Malay mean "Buku Untuk Semua" which visualize in choice of book from various gender covering all categories that suitable for everyone to read. 
Above is speech by Prof. Emeritus Abdullah Hasan, Academic Advisor PST Media Group Sdn. Bhd.

PTS Media Group with Mydin Mohamed Holding Berhad (MYDIN) hold the event of Meet & Greet with Felixia Yeap (Rara) and launched her latest book #AmoiBerhijab. 
Exclusive for today only, visitor and her loyal fan can purchase the book at MYDIN USJ for the price of RM18, and get a chance of photography with Rara and her autograph on the book.
Some photos taken by me during the event. 
From left Prof. Emeritus Abdullah Hasan theAcademic Advisor PTS Media Group Sdn. Bhd, Rara, Syarafuddin Sulaiman, PTS Media Group Sdn Bhd.

Mini Profile of Raisyyah Rania Yeap

  • 2005: Finalist Dewi Remaja
  • 2006: Miss Chinese World (2nd place)
  • 2006: Miss Malaysia Tourism (2nd place)
  • 2009: FHM Girl Next Door (Finalist)
  • 2009 : Miss Malaysia World (Finalist but back out because of contract disagreement)
  • 2010: Finalist Miss Universe Malaysia
  • 2011: Winner of Panasonic Lumix Star Search (Become ambassador of Panasonic Lumix Malaysia for a year)
  • 2013: Winner of FHM Malaysia's Most Wanted Woman
  • 2014: Google Malaysia Most Searched Artist
  • 2014: Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) Top 5 Popular Personality
  • 2015: Ambassador Hijab Neng Guelis
  • 2015: Ambassador FCC Halal Cosmetic

Below one of her loyal fan came all the way from Japan to meet & greet with Felixia Yeap (Rara)
After the session, many fans queue up to get Felixia Yeap (Rara) photography and book autograph. Rara is so kind to come down the stage to some of her fans who waited for her to meet & greet because they are not convenient to go on stage. 
I get to chance to meet & greet with lovely Rara, she is beautiful and friendly. 

The Meet & Greet with Felixia Yeap to give her fans and followers to get to know her better. 
This event is held to give positive impact and role model to the society. 

Book Title: #AmoiBerhijab
Category: Motivation and Inspiration
Writer: Raisyyah Rania Yeap
Publisher: PTS Publishing House Sdn Bhd
Number of pages: 160
Price of of: RM18 West Malaysia, RM20 East Malaysia

This book has many interesting story to share, the childhood, schooling time where always being bully, teenage time filled with agenda to take care of her brother only. Her lifestyle as Playboy model, how is her living in the world of glamour. How a piece of shawl "tudung", is able to change a person's heart.

Some events held together by PTS and MYDIN were the launched of Mushaf Furqan, PTS first Al-Quran and masterpiece from Indonesia namely Socrates is Luqmandul Hakim Berkulit Hitam. They also have several pocket size of religion practice like Yasin & Tahlil Edisi Al-Manzil (Zikir Pendinding Diri daripada Sihir dan Syaitan), 7 Surah Pilihan sebagai Amalan Harian, dan Mulakan Kerja dengan Doa, Yasin Edisi Angin Ahmar (Strok) -Doa Pelindung & Penawar. 

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