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Friday, May 29, 2015

Reading materials for kids

Good morning, it's Saturday morning the school holiday has started. Most parents like me would have interest to check out online for reading material for kids. It will be a good time to occupy children with reading.

Some of my friends have got their children school holiday plan, I haven't but one of my interest would be having get start my children with reading material, hoping to reading materials will interest them.

Everyone needs a healthy lifestyle, besides outdoor activities don't forget we need indoor activities as well. I find that reading is one of indoor activities that parents can share with their children. My friend with interest to find reading materials for her kids because she likes to read them story in the night before bedtime. She told me that she needs more reading materials, with Internet access we can easily access this website for more reading materials that is suitable for children.

My son has interest in Science, it's good I find that this website with math manipulatives and science manipulatives, reading materials. I find reading is a good time to spend with children, you can have bonding moment with them. Reading together, find the same interest to share and talk about it.


Good evening everyone, do you know what's new in town?
Let me give you a hint, this you would purchase every time go for a movie date in cinema.
Popcorn is a classic snack love by all, especially moviegoers. 
Nothing completes the perfect cinema experience like fully coated popcorn. The market is seeing a rapid expansion of movies, which in turn, has led to the rise of popcorn consumption, as it is commonly associated with the silver screen. To fulfill the perfect movie experience, PERFECTO is introducing yet another delight that caters to perfection - PERFECTO Popcorn, fully coated on every piece. The 3 classic flavours, Ultimate Caramel, Chocolate in Love, and French Vanilla cater to every palate. Mamee Double - Decker is currently in possession of more than 36% volume share in Malaysia's snack market, to which PERFECTO Popcorn is now proudly part of the company's offerings.

The launch of PERFECTO Popcorn saw its guests arriving in style as they walked through their very own PERFECTO Popcorn red carpet experience. They were greeted by paparazzi that snapped their perfect red carpet style, and were delighted with a special selection of canopes, mocktails, and heavenly desserts infused with the popcorn flavours. 

What came in as the highlight of the event is an enactment of a thriller movie that stirred the excitement of those were present. The PERFECTO Popcorn launch lavished with a luxury movie experience as we get to indulged on PERFECTO Popcorn whilst enjoying a special screening of 'SPY'. You may click on the link to read about the movie review of SPY.

Altogether, PERFECTO Popcorn is the ultimate snack that gives its consumers the best movie experience. The popcorn promises gourmet flavors because each piece is 100% coated. Furthermore, the packaging carries a classy movie-look, bringing you closer to the perfect movie experience.

PERFECTO Popcorn is an affordable luxury snack that is now available nationwide at the retail price of RM4.50 for the small pouch (85g) and RM7.50 for the big pouch (160g).

For more information, visit PERFECTO's official Facebook page at

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Don’t just think about french fries and mashed potatoes – it’s time to take the world’s favourite comfort food to all new heights of taste and glamour in the US Potato Culinary Festival Kuala Lumpur 
2015! This post is going to be all about potatoes, potato has been one of the ingredients in cooking for my family's meal. If you love cooking, I am sure you know so many recipes you can create with US POTATO. 

Held for the second time in Malaysia after a highly successful run two years ago, this bi-annual culinary fest will offer up a month long smorgasbord of dining delights to whet the appetites of both potato aficionados and the spud-curious.

I am sure you agree that you can do so create so many size and shapes that you like with them, check out these yummylicious fried US potatoes, what sauce would you choose to dip in? 

Organized by the US Potato Board, the US Potato Culiary Festival will run from 1-30 Jun4 2015 at a total of 13 top dining venue around the Klang Valley, each of which will feature a mouthwatering assortment of unique and fusion dishes that elevate the versatility, nutritional benefits and superior taste of quality US potatoes.

The restaurants participating this year include popular hotels and restaurants such as

1. Best Western Hotel, Petaling Jaya
2. Big Hug Burger
3. Burger Factory
4. Jibby & Co.
5. La Bo Ca Latino
6. La Risata
7. Maria’s Steakcafe
8. Naughty Nuri’s
9. Rendezvous Steak Garden Restaurant
10. Secret Of Lousinana
11. Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
12. The Daily Grind
13. The Roulette Bar

You are looking at some 14 Malaysian chefs 
photo above credit to k.kiat photography

The chefs of these respective restaurants have been tasked with inventing the most unique and delectable recipes they can conceive using quality US potatoes and they will be serving these wonderful potato dishes at their outlets around the Klang Valley. 

One of the chefs who is happy with his creative variations of potato meal.

The versatility of US potatoes has resulted in these chefs creating some truly creative variations of potato frittatas, potato mash-ups and even potato ice cream.

Through this festival, the US Potato Board aims to showcase how US potatoes can be used as a main ingredient to a wide array of recipes from appetizers to desserts. This will increase the public's interest in enjoying US potatoes in new, exciting and healthier ways.

My blogger pal is enjoying her fried potato.

While most locals may have become accustomed enjoying potatoes in their more savoury forms such as fried, mashed or backed, the humble potato when cooked discerningly is in fact one of the healthiest vegetables one can consume.

One medium size (5.3 ounce) skin-on US potato contains just 110 calories per serving, boats more potassium (620g) than a banana, provide almost half the daily value of Vitamin C (45 percent) and contains no fat, sodium or cholesterol. 

Which would you like to try?
Shrimp Etouffee US Potato Boat or Cajun US Fries Chili Octopus?
When it comes to US potatoes, Malaysians will not have to compromise taste for any health reasons. A healthy, balanced meal can be just as tasteful. Just look at the photos taken during the event. 
Baked, mashed, roasted or fried, US potatoes have a remarkable ability to enhance whatever dish is served with them, enhancing presentation, adding value and appetite appeal. A growing pool of research confirms that potatoes play a positive role in healthy diet. Research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition demonstrates that people can eat potatoes and still lose weight.

From top left is English Curry US Fries, US Potato Espuma,
from bottom left US Potato Crawfish Pie, Spiced US Potatoes with Smoked Lamb Bacon and Saffron Aioli

Through imported taters may sometimes come at a slightly premium price, superior agriculture methods, harvesting and distributing facilities from the US helps to produce potatoes of better quality, taste, versatility and nutritional value. 

There are US Potato & Pear Soup, US Potato Espuna, Pizza with US Potatoes and Lamb, Crispy US Potato Milkshake, Bali-bali Curried Beef Hamburger with US Curly Fries.
Malaysians who likes to eat and experience the difference in cooking with quality US potatoes can find those tuber germs in all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets in Malaysia. Many leading restaurants and QSR chains also serve US potatoes due to their quality and superior taste.

Thanks to Sidney Kan for this invitation, the night where I eat variety of food related to US potatoes. 
Group photo with my friends. 

For more info on US potatoes, please visit or 

Movie review: SPY *Melissa McCarthy

If you love to watch action and comedy movie this Spy movie is entertaining, however this movie is suitable for age of 18 years old above. 
Spoiler alert*

Melissa McCarthy is working on the desk assisting a CIA agent named Bradley Fine (Jude Law), her name is Susan Cooper. One day, Bradley Fine is shot dead on a mission, Susan decided to volunteer to be part of the CIA's mission that's becoming one of the agent. It's not easy task for her as she's given a few new identities. Jason Statham as Rick Ford, wanted to revenge for his CIA's colleague. He believes in there's face changing machine that he can undergoes to change his face. It's so funny that he's being prank by other agents.

I got scare in the movie, it's not a scary movie but somehow I got scared in a part where Susan Cooper in Paris. 
Susan wants to revenge for Bradley Fine's death, it's all in the jet. You gonna laugh it out loud if you watched it. Susan rides to different type of scooters in the movie. 
What's secret weapons for a CIA agent Susan Cooper? It's all with funny names, I'm not gonna say more about it, you gonna watch it to know more.
There's a big bird in the movie, go watch the movie to find out who she is.
There's girls fight in the movie, where Susan Cooper fought with a pretty girl (Morena Baccarin). The movie involved many foul languages. Overall this movie I find it nice and funny, if you like actress Melissa McCarthy, this move is definitely suitable for you. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Planning on budget family vacation

We have interest to go for vacation during school holiday, however we can't afford expensive vacation. Legoland can be removed from the lists, I was told the price tickets are expensive now. My boys love Lego toys, they have played Lego toys set at home. I am sure both of them will be happy playing with Lego if they are in Legoland, we can never get enough of Lego bricks.

Local tourism destination in Malaysia seems nice, shall take out the Malaysia's map to see where to go. I have in mind is Langkawi, Kuching/Sarawak for Jong's crocodile farm - the biggest crocodile farm in Malaysia.

My dear promises me on Kuala Selangor to see firefly when we were dating, that until today never fulfill. There's one more is fishing too, that's another promise that he did.

Where's your ideal family vacation for family of four?

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Great Guardian Makeover is back, this time is at Nu Sentral, Centre Court, LG. Theme Beauty in Action this year, the two-day event empowering women with tips and tools to look good and keep healthy while on-the-go, kicked off with a buzz in Nu Sentral today. This morning I went there by LRT to KL Sentral. 

The event, now in it's 8th year, was conceptualised by Guardian Malaysia, a leading pharmacy, health and beauty retailer, to give recognition to modern women and the active lifestyles they lead.

Operations Director of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd, Ricky Soon giving his speech
"Women have played many roles since the beginning of civilisation.
With modernisation and globalisation, this is multi-tasking juggle is ever more apparent and ever more challenging."
Women of all walks of life can take charge of their own life own health and beauty needs despite their multiple roles and hectic schedules. 
At the event, they have enlisted the assistance of health and beauty specialists to share tips for women to look fabulous while staying on-the-go.

check out video the dance performance, click on the link. 

check out the video for the action.

As the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retailer, Guardian has taken on the role of encouraging not just women, but the community in general, and its customers in particular, to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. 
More than a thousand of tickets have been sold for this two-day event.
Open to anyone with a ticket that comes with the purchase of RM10 of any participating brand.
Guardian's Beauty in Action offers a complete makeover, consisting of make-up by MakeUP Puzzle and hair styling by A Cut Above. Once done, participants can further enjoy a professional photography session to capture their best pose!

This weekend's event also offers participants a variety of make-up tips ranging from summer style to glam night, casual Sunday to dolling up for a romantic dinner.

Checkout what great deal's and freebies awaiting you. 

The Guardian's outlet near me sold out of the hair shampoo and conditioner. 
Now there's plenty to restock at the event. 
Revlon Love is On with 1,000 FREE lispticks giveaway at the event 
Anyone with interest to stock up Bio-Essence
Check out above Elegant Gold clutch.

above photo credit to facebook Guardian Malaysia

Staff putting up a contest stand, it's Selfie with My Mom photo contest. 
Silky's Girl lipsticks with wide range of colours

Blackmores health supplements and vitamins

Nivea's spin and win.
Biore products, with wide range of choice.
Catrice cosmetics.
Avene skin care products
photo above credits to Facebook Guardian Malaysia

Above picture of before and after makeover, I like this braided hairstyle with my natural makeup.

Check out who are the proud sponsors.

Make this weekend's event meaningful with loved ones. At the event participants with the ticket can have their makeover ranging from summer style to glam night, casual Sunday to dolling up for a romantic dinner with loved one. All who signed up also went home with a goodie bag! 

Guardina's Beauty in Action was further abuzz with excitement as the young winners of its Facebook Little Princesses in Action contest took the stage. 10 finalists aged four to eight, dressed to the tee, wowed the audience with great confidence as the crowds cheered them on. The winner walked away with RM200 in cash vouchers and goodies worth another RM200. 

For more info please visit 
You can also visit Facebook 

Friday, May 22, 2015


Dress: Dressing Paula
Bag: XES Signature

The day I attended the XES Signature launched at Quill City Mall, the event was held at main concourse. It's big and beautiful, scroll down to see more pictures. 
Do you want to know what's under the white fabrics behind of me, read more to find out.

While waiting for the launch I walk around the concourse area to snap these photos of XES shoes and XES Signature bags.

Combining a keen sense of classical with a renewal fascination for the great Roman times, this season's top color and design trends in footwear reflect the spirit of the classic and the artistic, with Greece-inspired hues like dyed black and deep red talking centre stage. 

These are the color choices for upscale brand XES Signature's latest "Tales of Olympus" 2015 collection. 
XES, the trendy family shoes store, is giving one of the world's most ancient forms of footwear a modern makeover. With sandals being the prominent footwear in ancient Greece. XES has designed various modern sandals interlaced with delicate straps crossing the toes and wrapping the ankles, made with natural material ages beautifully and will encourage women to wrap in the beauty and simplicity of the Grecian fashion. 

There's pampering session at The Sompotan Spa, who wants her hand massage?
There's makeover session by Sense&Style Beauty Academy.

 Miera having the makeover session, I too took part in the makeover I am sitting not far away from her.
Check out my makeover, thanks to lovely makeup artist. 

Next there is shoes lace competition, yeah who will be the fastest to tie up the shoe laces?
Looking at Nannie and Miera both so busy with the competition. 
There are soft toys and RM5 vouchers awaiting winners.
Vera Soo above trying her best with bow and arrow!
Varies of XES Shoes on the board, but it's not easy to get the arrow in the target!
Ayu with bow and arrow next! It was fun, I tried it, is not easy at all. This game is so much fun that it's a long queue to wait for turn. I don't know if anyone win anything, as the person who can shoot the arrow in the shoes' hole win the shoe!
XES Mascot, so cute right? Between me and XES Mascot is Khai. 
Buffet line awaiting VIPs, guests, media, and bloggers. 

XES Mascot with all the XES products awaiting media, blogger and guest to explore. Which item will attracts them? 

Performance by Fitness First. 
Click on the video 1 to see the performance. 
What's the color of the XES Signature bag above? Do you think it's black or blue colour?
Don't need to guess, scroll down to find out what color and unique design of this bag.
It caught my attention, it does look spiky but it's not!
Spiky fruit in Malaysia, do you know which fruit it is? 

pretty Mico Pun in red dress with XES Shoes and XES Signature. 
XES Signature bag and shoes, ready to go... 

If you like black heels, this is beautiful stunning to wear it for dinner or party. 
The Grecian fashion, the inspiration came from the mythical Greek heroes
Happy 13th Anniversary to XES. Cake cutting ceremony using sword. 

"Tales of Olympus" launch also sees the unveiling of the XES Mascot in conjunction with XES celebrating its 13th Anniversary. XES Brand Ambassador Miss Mico Pun- winner of Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 was also in attendance representing the women's spirit and silent confidence when donning the divine and modern footwear. 
A group photo with the VIPS on stage. 
Mr Simpson congratulated the team involved in producing the "Tales of Olympus" 2015 collection a success, including those who has been working tireless behind the scenes to make "Tales of Olympus" 2015 collection a success, including those involved, the sponsors of Fitness First Malaysia and Ethnic Sense, along with their strong supporter Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA). 

The "Tales of Olympus" 2015 collection launched showcased 12 design groups hailed with robust names such as Tales of Heart, Tales of Music, Tales of Enchantment, Tales of Belief and among others. 

Greek mythology, great ancient heroes have since lent their names to a far more modern style of footwear, giving inspiration to XES to emulate the gracefulness of the ancient fashion. From simple sandals to elaborate lace-up heels, simlar to Greek creations. XES's designs give women the power to turn heads and a confidence to make them feel like modern day beauties. 

The collection delivering a range that uses the best materials which exudes confidence from within, allowing the strong female audience to find the key to the most comfortable footwear, and the destiny to lock hearts with the perfect shoes. 
Also featured in this collection are casual, feminine and dressy ranges to cater for almost every type of need. XES has wide collection of handbags suited for the fashion-conscious as well as those that celebrates the laid-back ease of the day, that relishes the courageous spirit and enjoys the unhurried pace of embracing the little things.
"Tales of Olympus" borrows the past and lives in the future. 
The Grecian style will never be out of fashion, and it's paving the way for the future of fashion.

XES brand's esteemed sponsors:
  • Fitness First Malaysia
  • Luffy Buskers
  • Ethnic Sense
  • Sense & Style Beauty Academy
  • Occubite
  • Nelson's
  • The Sompotan Spa
  • BMS Organics
  • YFS Concept Store
  • Sakura Krsital
  • OxyOne
  • MaskSlim
  • Quill City Mall

Check out XES shoes official webpage at
To be come a fan on XES shoe Facebook please visit for latest updates and information.

For more pictures, you can check out what every gal want, click on the link to find out. 

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch f eaturing  from left to right:  Mr  Tan Suang Jak, Channel Director for Modern Trade,  Energizer® Ho...