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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Balance achieve with busy hectic weeks

How's everyone doing? Happy Friday to you, it's going to be busy weekend for me starting from today. I need to fetch my toddler home later than I have some where to go. Thanks to my dear for helping me to fetch my eldest son later to go tuition. After tuition he will needs to fetch him home.

Earlier I took a test on balancing act and find out that my answers are mostly B's.
Balanced achieved. Sure there are weeks that seem more hectic than others however you understand that you need to have time to yourself too. You have rounded up your life with a good mix of friends, family and yes, even time to read.

Yesterday son has activity after class, he chosen the robotic class because he has interest for it. Glad to know other parents in group chat for informing else I thought only next week has the class. Being parent we need to check with other parents on homework and latest news happening in school. I was told that some children fall sick again in school. Though is exam week, parents know the important of children health, they have pulled their children from the exam and submitted the medical cert leave of sick to teacher. The children can go back for the exam for replacement exam when they are feeling better.

We know importance of education but we don't want to neglect the health of our children.

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