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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Family reunion planner

Some of my friends are saying that they are too busy for family reunion planning. With Internet access today, it is possible for us to plan but how do we get everyone at one time to talk about it? I was browsing online, then I come by this website where you can check out this family online software. It is a website that you can get start with family reunion ideas and planning where to gathering or activities during the family reunion. It can be private website for the family discussion,

I can't wait to tell my friends that they can get start with their family reunion structure by gather their family members to signup. They can choose it to be single national group or into state groups. It's important to get everyone in the group so that you can be in the correct family tree. Each family password can be created, so only family member who knows the password only can login the group.

This way you can be ease at work to doing your job, you can just login from your office or home to check out the latest update in family organizing which contributes by other family members. Example on ideas on upcoming family reunions. This way you can view the importance meetings and dates of anniversary or celebrations from there.

It's one year membership the website is offering now, no harm give it a try since it's free. If you have friends with interest in family reunion planner, they can visit this website too.


  1. That is an interesting website. A nice way to get everyone together.

    Everyone keeps complaining of how busy they are but what are they so busy about? Sure they can spare some times to meet up and talk.

  2. Hi Rose, yeah we may have only 24 hours a day, but we can plan it out.


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