Thursday, June 18, 2015

My dad has dengue fever admitted to Kajang hospital

It's heart breaking moment to know that my dad admitted to Kajang hospital, he found out that he has dengue fever after blood test at the clinic. Thanks to my sister for bringing my dad to clinic for blood test the result out that his positive of dengue fever, he started fever last Saturday.

I told my sisters to monitor dad if fever continues to 5th day and he's not well. He needs to go for blood test, my dad lied to me that saying he's better but he is not. Last night he was admitted to Kajang hospital with helped from my brother.

Today my sisters visited him and told me that dad's sleepy and tired plus his eyes cannot open at all. He had drip last night but today it's being removed. He's losing his voice too, yeah I am worry of him. I hope he recover soon, he's feeling bones pain. He's been saying that all that time because he's having knee pain and feet pain as well. The pain has been going on for a long time. He has high blood pressure and he's been complaining of not able to walk long he feel the muscle pain, and knee pain too.

My dad is stubborn so am I, so I must have got it from him. That's what my dear always says of me. Stubborn like your parents, not forget that my mom also stubborn.


Oh dear! Hope your dad will recover well and soon. Dengue is not a light matter.


Hi Elana, yeah wait no more, shall go today, cancel son's tuition.


thanks Sizzling Suzai, I visited him yesterday he's getting better.


Hi Miera, thanks for asking he's been discharge on last Friday night 9 something and reached home around 12 midnight.


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