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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stay healthy and look beautiful throughout Ramadhan with Guardian's regime and tips

How's everyone doing today? As the holy month of Ramadhan is fast approaching, leading pharmacy, healthy and beauty retailer Guardian Malaysia launched its annual health and beauty campaign to help customers stay healthy and look good throughout Ramadhan, and the Hari Raya festival that follows.

Ramadhan is a time when Muslims across the world fast during the hours of daylight. In hot climate countries such as Malaysia, the heat and humidity could take a toll on the body and fatigue often sets in. 

"Sihat and Anggun Sempena Aidilfitri" this year, the campaign continues to raise awareness and educate customers on how they can maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle during the month-long fast, culminating in the festive celebrations. In particular, Guardian has identified and offers a wide range of healthy, beauty and wellness products that would meet customers' needs.

At a media review which held in Carcosa Seri Negara, Ledang Room to kick start this campaign, we were treated to a variety of activities including a health check by Guardian Pharmacists and a dialogue with Guardian's Health Advisor Siti Aishah Mohd Yunos. Her photo is above.

Guardian's Health Advisor Siti Aishah Mohd Yunos, she explains that during pre dawn meal (Sahur).
Body needs something that is slow to digest in and retain long enough for >12hours of fasting.

Breaking of Fast (Iftar). Body needs something easy to digest for faster energy since it has fasting long hours. 

Skin care and makeup styles and trends for this season by Guardian's Beauty Advisor Evelyn Tay, on the event blogger Elana has step up as volunteer for step by step. 
Look at Elana she's enjoying her masking at the event. Before that she had makeup remover, it's important to have cleanse face for masking.

Blogger Elana is happy with the result. 
Hair care by Head of Cut Above Academy Peter Wong
One of the tips he shares on anyone who is having naturally wavy and dry hair. 
  • Don't shampoo everyday but do condition your hair every time you shower.
  • When rinsing your hair, use cool water.
  • Use your fingers to 'comb' your hair rather than using a comb (unless you're using a hair dryer).
  • Embrace your curls and not use flat irons or hairdryers.
  • Use leave-in-conditioners after every hair wash.
  • Apply conditioner before washing hair and then apply again after rinsing off shampoo.
I tried the last method above using the Guardian Botaneco Garden products, click on the link to find out. 

Delicious and healthy cooking for Ramadhan and Raya by celebrity chef Anis Nabilah.
We get to eat the chicken rendang during the cooking demo. Click on the link to try the recipe.
We also get to eat Apple Cranberry Sauce Muffin, click on the link for recipe. 

The Guardian "Sihat and Anggun Sempena Aidilfitri" health and beauty campaign starts 24 June and will ends on 21 July 2015. During this period, you can find at all Guardian stores nationwide to enjoy attractive promotions on selected vitamins, supplements, beauty products, pain relievers, deodorant, perfume as well as skin care and hair care products. Similar promotions also available on Guardian's online store. For more information, please visit


  1. Thumbs up to Guardian for coming up with this program. Important to take care of health apart from beauty.

  2. Hi Elana, yeah it's important to take care health as health is wealth. :D


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