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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mom and son's day out at Genting Highlands

I woke up 5am for this, well the night before I drank tea so it was a long time for me to go to sleep. I am sure if you are not able to drink tea or coffee, you'll know your sleep will be disturb. I must have drank it too late as I know it was late dinner the night. 

My eldest boy is 9 years old, he's knows me well that I love blogging and he's shows the same interest as me. Check out his post on Genting International's Children's Festival, click on the link to read. 

He's poor in BM but he's good in English so he loves to write in English. Somehow I do encourage him to write in BM but he says that he's not doing so well with the keyboard as it takes time for him to type. It would be better for him to write in English and be skillful in keyboard then only move on to BM. 

Last Friday, we woke up early in the morning so that my dear can take us out for breakfast then send us to One Utama to buy Genting bus tickets. From there the counter there's attachment with cable car ticket too. You can also purchase the next day tickets if you like to come back to One Utama by bus. 

I thought it's going to be a long queue for to purchase tickets, it's not. Perhaps it's a Friday not the weekend that's why there are still empty seats in the bus. My son truly happy and enjoy himself during the events. 

We were given a room to stay at First World Hotel, it's a stand room for maximum of 3 pax. I am sure you know how, just push the single beds together and you can accommodate three persons. In the night, he's not sleeping well my guess is he's over excited of the journey and entertainment throughout the night. We watched the Illuminate show at 8.30pm, it's an hour show. My dear came at 9pm so he needs to wait in First World until our show is over. He had to work and go home that's why he's late to meet up with us. 

The night my toddler didn't come along as my sister-in-law takes care of him and also nephew came for a night stay.

Our Saturday morning breakfast at First World Hotel, then we go for gaming as son wants to play. Back in the room, after showered and packing we check out. We wanted to purchase durian ice cream from the mini strawberry farm but it's sold out. However we manage to purchase fresh vegetables back home. There's a culture shop that we can go in but my dear stop us from going in, I am sure you know why, the less you see, the less you buy. 

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