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Friday, July 10, 2015

Movie review: Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit

photo above credit to Facebook of David Teo
Spoiler Alert***
Few days ago I was invited to attend the movie screening of Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit, it's a comedy movie that you'll like to watch. 

I like to watch movies acted by actor Qi Razali and actress Nora Danish. The movie is about a girl named Asyikin (Nora Danish), she lives with her sister and her dad in a village. His dad Pak Bidin (Kaza) is a very strict man, he loves both his daughters, somehow Asyikin's sister named Wani (Atikah Suhaime) who is still attending secondary school has fallen in love with a guy. 

David Teo also actor in the movie, he is the Daddy Cool who loan money to people. Mus (Shuk Sjy) he falls in love with Wani but her dad is against her get along with the guy. Awie (Qi Razali) works outstation but he wasn't happy with his job, he got jobless and his money was robbed by a beggar in the night. Awie has no money and nearly given up on himself then he saw a banner about loaning money. He finds Daddy Cool to borrow RM3K, but he must find ways to return the money because his money was stolen in broad daylight. Daddy Cool is going to do something bad to Awie if he's not able to return the amount of money he loaned, as the money interest grows he then needs to pay RM6K instead of RM3K. It's a lot of money so how Mus and Awie going come up with this huge amount of money? 

Awie told his best buddy Mus about his problem, Mus wanted to help Awie to solve his problem by getting him involved in stealing and breaking into home. They even disguise as women in the movie! How pretty and attractive Awie and Mus looks like in dressing up like a woman? Watch this movie to find out. 

Never count your money in public! Never show how much money you have in public!
The movie screening is sponsored by Mamee Chef


  1. Yupe, thanks for the reminder of never show money in public :)

  2. Hi Rane, yeah never in public and never also in the car.


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