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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

RM7.40 repair punctured tyre wheel

Yesterday morning I drove to nearest car's wheel repair shop to repair my car. Just half an hour of waiting and my car's tyre wheel is repaired. RM7.40 plus GST, I chosen to go SS18 the Lim Tayar Subang Jaya. The fees of car repair is stated on their glass door too. They have a paper notice with their price cost. If my car's wheel the hole is big, the cost will be more around RM27 to repair and patch the hole.

I am glad my car's wheel's rim still in good condition, my friend to me that it could cause serious damage if I continue driving a puncture wheel. Not just that I am sure safety's first for everyone on the road as well, you never know if anything going to happen is it better to get it repair. I was afraid too if my car's wheel gonna explode half way of driving. That's why I drive slow to go home, it was at night almost 10pm and there's no car tyre shop that open at that time.

I parked my car in the mall that time was CP5 higher level, I know there's a Citicars in the mall but it's at basement of the mall. Funny thing, I only recall that there is Citicars service in the mall after I reached home. Few months back, happened to my dear's car that he can't start his car engine in the Sunway Pyramid's mall. His car was parked not far from Citicars, he got his car change battery at the Citicars there. Another time, his friend's car too need to change car's battery in Empire Shopping Gallery.

Just sharing some info with you, so always check your car. Remember Safety's first.


  1. Yes. Must love and maintain our car. When it is down, it is really troublesome and frustrating. Glad your damage is not serious.

  2. Hi Rose, yeah without car is troublesome to go places.


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