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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Tomorrow is the night where my girlfriend and I will be partying. Yeah it would be a night for us, she has car problem the other day so its best to bring her out for fun night. Sunway Resort & Spa is not far away from her, so it's great for her.

I won the passes to go PARTY IN BLACK CLEAR. 
I took part in the of Clear zero dandruff challenge and pledge for confidence.

Have #nothingtohide and celebrate confidence with CLEAR

It's the pinnacle of a meaningful cause.
It's the culmination of an empowering campaign.
It's certainly a celebration of great confidence.

Agents of Confidence in the night we'll see
Shaheizy Sam and Juliana Evans.

We going to see local hip hop legend, Joe Flizzow with 'Apa Khabar' with an electrifying performance.
The night will not end there as DJ B.A.T.E will keep the party going with beats.

Yeah we can't wait to go for this party.


  1. Wohohohohoh!!!! Sherry sure know how to party hard too!!! Have fun with gorgeous Juliana Evans!

  2. looking forward for your update on that :D
    party...weee i like it

  3. Happy partying!~ HOpe you enjoy urself ya!

  4. Wow, so cool dear! Must enjoy yourself at the party and remember to take more selfies to show us in FB ya :P

  5. I'm sure you will enjoy the party, can't wait to read or hear about your night of bareitall fun

  6. Congrats on your winning dear!! Hope that you are having fun in this party! ts been ages since I really went to a party night out since I always so tired after whole day of working, haha!


  7. Hope you have a great time at the party, babe! <3 Enjoy! <3

  8. Enjoy yourself at the party Sherry! Work hard, play even harder haha! :D

  9. So how was the party? haha so nice of you to bring your friend out after she has car problems

  10. Enjoy the Party! And it's always a good idea to go with a Girl Best Friend and get crazy together! Haha!

  11. Enjoy yourself Sherry! It's always a great idea to go out and party with a Girlfriend! I miss going to parties!

  12. Congratz on winning the passes. Awwww... Hope to hear more about the party.


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