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Four Reasons to Consider Boarding Your Pet for Vacation

When it's time to go on vacation, you may be wondering what to do with your furry friend.  Whether you own a cat, a dog or a bunny, bringing your pet along can be stressful for them and may not even be possible.  Leaving your pet with friends or family may also be an imposition at best and a nightmare at worst.  Here's four reasons to consider a boarding facility.
 It's a Pet-Centric Place
 No one is going to shout at your dog for sitting on the furniture in a boarding facility, and your cat will be permitted to climb there just as she does at home.  Facilities are built to stand up to your pet's usual habits.  They won't be expected to stay on the floor or end up in a cage, as they might if you drop your pet off with friends who don't have pets.
 Your Pet Will Be Fed and Treated Just Like at Home
 Pets often have individual needs.  For example, your cat may only get bottled spring water to combat urinary issues or your dog may get special treats to keep his teeth healthy.  Dog kennels metro Detroit have staff that will follow your instructions to ensure the continued health and happiness of your pet.  Most boarding facilities allow you to bring in all the food and treats your pet is accustomed to, which will keep his or her digestive tract running along smoothly.
 Guaranteed Exercise and Interaction
 The staff at boarding facilities love animals and are more than willing to interact with your pet.  Walking, playing games and even jogging are offered at a lot of facilities.  If your pet has a lot of energy, this interaction will keep him happy and content until you can pick him up to go home.
 Grooming Will Be Continued
 Anyone who owns a gorgeous Angora cat or an Afghan Hound can tell you about the horror of picking up your pet after a week away to see they haven't been groomed the entire time.  These coats, which can take years to grow in, can be destroyed by mats and soiling.  Most boarding facilities offer daily brush-outs, and some even offer baths and nail-clipping.  If your pet's coat is high-maintenance, a boarding facility is likely the right choice.
 If you're going on vacation and bringing your pet along isn't the right option, consider a boarding facility.  Not only will your pet be kept on his or her regular diet and exercise program, they will be kept groomed and entertained for the duration of their stay.


I have a puppy and have been looking for a reliable place to board her as I travel a lot, and so far, someone has to stay at home to keep an eye on her. Thanks for recommending an option.


Great blog.. I do need a place to board my pet when I travel and when no one is around... huhuh


Wow... great place for the pet to stay while the family members can enjoyed their holiday. First time heard about the place. Will check it out.


Nice sharing dear, always headache when we going other place and impossible to left them at home alone. Will consider your option next time! :D


I leave my cat for boarding too. and i even would tell them to send photos of my cat to me. hehe :) At least i know she is well taken care of.


Even though I dont have a pet but have always seen my friends worried about their little cute ones.. A place where they are equally loved.


if we go trip, we do need to make sure our pet in good hand. That's our responsibility.


Even though I don't have pets, but i always help my friends to take care of their dog when they travelling


Thanks for sharing! It's really comes to quality for pet boarding, from service, quality of the rooms, food choices, etc.


i enjoy reading ur this post. however, knowing that there is such boarding facility really a good news for all! this is the problem and jetsetter always face, haahah


It's difficult to find a good boarding place. Some of them promise the world but hardly give any exercise to your pet. I once boarded my cat with a pet hotel which neglected the cats there and they died in their care. Lucky thing my cat which was booked there, was not due to stay there yet when the incident happened. I'm always worried when I leave my cats behind and I'm lucky to have in-laws who are willing to take care of them while we travel. It's a good idea to check the pet hotel and check the testimonials left by customers before deciding to board with them


It is indeed good to have ur pet well taken care or sent them to the pet hotel during ur holiday


Awh Sherry, I know what you mean. It's really hard leaving my pups behind when I travel but it is good to know that places like this do exist. Hopefully in equal measure, our furry little creatures will also be as loved as to how they are treated at home :)


Never have a pet before but I know is better to let your pets stay with boarding facilities when you are in vacation. They need to be taken good care of too!


I never really into pet..... But your reasons are good enough.. Just that I don't have any pets.. haha~


My family and I always travel oversea on many times, it is not easy to leave my pet, Miu Miu alone.. But she can be survive for long weeks so wow. We also leave food to my pet always. :)


my dad in penang has a toy poodle. We always find it tough to leave the dog with some neighbours or such


I have 16 cats at home. I usually just leave them at home with loads of food and enough water and sand. They are usually OK. Would be nice if can send all to boarding. But would be very costly.


i have a cat and now she's grown up i don't board her anymore but used to when I go travelling when she was younger


Yup, it is surely a better decision, so that you can enjoy your vacation worry-free also :)


Yup, it is surely a better decision, so that you can enjoy your vacation worry-free also :)


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