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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pensonic's Chef's Like Campaign Season 2 Cooking Classes 2015 with Dato' Chef Haji Ismail

Above is the Pensonic's Managing Director Mr. Vincent Chew giving his welcome speech.

Good afternoon to you, what are you doing? 
This morning I attended the Pensonic's Chef's Like Campaign Season 2 Cooking Classes 2015 with Dato' Chef Haji Ismail.

This time Pensonic has a cook along with contest winners and their Celebrity Chef DCH Ismail, this is the second consecutive year Pensonic is having their Chef's Like Campaign Cooking Classes.

The Grand Prize winner of Pensonic's Chef's Like Campaign Season 2 Cooking Classes 2015 will be able to experience up close Dato' Chef Haji Ismail's charisma along with his fresh, fun and innovative cooking style that clearly sets him in a league that is top of the class in local Malay cuisine.

Pensonic's Chef's Like Campaign Season 2 Cooking Classes 2015 with Dato' Chef Haji Ismail
Busy me putting the ingredients into the cooker then following step by step of cooking the chicken rendang. Thanks Elana for inviting me as her partner for this cooking class. 

During this cooking class, 2000 chicken drum sticks have been used. They are almost 180 participants at the event.

This first cooking class in Kuala Lumpur which held in West Boulevard, One City USJ 25 is special one as winners had the opportunity to cook together with Dato's Chef Haji Ismail himself. All the ingredients and cooking utensils were provided for the winners and guests, who joined by Pensonic's Managing Director Mr. Vincent Chew, Executive Director M. Nelson Chew, General Manager Mr. C.C.Lee and lovely Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia, Miss Gillian Hung ("Mama G") who is mommy of three children, and Pensonic Friends such as
Amber Chia,
Alan Yun,
Sean Lee,
Angel and Carrie Lee.

During the event I took part in the lucky draw and my name got selected to win a Pensonic Induction Cooker (PIC-2000). My blogger friends Ayu and Elana both win Bread Maker (PBM-2000) in instagram contest, Ayu also won in lucky draw her prize is same as mine.

This is how I spend my Sunday's morning, how about you?

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  1. So now you have very good skill to cook curry chicken after this:)

  2. Next cooking class at sherry's home using the lucky draw prize, Pensonic Induction Cooker, what do you think? Because I am planning to buy one, hoho...

  3. haha Joyce, you are better cook than me. :D cooking class in my house? don't think suitable as space not big enough lol.


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