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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Blogger Groceries Hunt for "Taste New Zealand" at Cold Storage

Halloween decoration at Cold Storage, IPC
October month is one of my favourite month because it's one month closer to November my birthday and school holiday. October is also Halloween month, every year never fail I would purchase Halloween makeup and Halloween accessories from Cold Storage for my kids. 

Last Saturday morning, I participated in Blogger Groceries Hunt for "Taste New Zealand" at Cold Storage, IPC. Let's read on this post to find out more about the hunt and the products.

photo credit to Carol 
 Blogger friends that participating for this groceries hunt are Carol, Yana, Issac, Lily, Ruby, Ivy, and Nannie. We are split into two members each team, there are questions on particular products that we need to answer in order to find the correct food items of New Zealand.

This is fun as we are first to shop before all the shoppers come in. We are given time to complete the tasks. 
One of the question related to the year, and it melts in mouth. 
We are not familiar in the Cold Storage of IPC, we need to hunt down the groceries on the list on our own. If there item is correct, 2 points will be given. 1 point deduction is the answer is wrong. So we can't be greedy cannot grab just anything we want. 

For your information, for the first time the New Zealand Government's international business development agency New Zealand Trade Enterprise (NZTE) will be introducing its successful food fair, Taste New Zealand at Cold Storage supermarkets. 

 Taking clean eating to a different level, those who favour products with healthy benefits can try the Ceres Organic Range of Coconut oil, Safflower Oil, Sesame Oil and Gluten free Quinoa enriched pasta and pasta shells, and the Ceres Organic Raw Food Bars and Proteins Bars. 
 For a sudden sugar craving and if peanut butter is one's guilty pleasure, then PIC's Peanut Butter Smooth No Salt is perfect as its made with the real thing with no added sugar and totally guilt-free!
 For a quick energy fix, N&N Supergrains Muesli Bars are both delicious and guilt-free.

 There are over 200 New Zealand products from over 48 brands, some artisanal and some globally popular, all on special promotions.

Snacks of New Zealand products

 Ayu and me are a team so we were guessing as were whether the CHIA drinks  fit in one of the product New Zealand description.

It sound familiar as Jade, so you know it's JED's Coffee! 

4 correct items of the groceries hunt for Taste New Zealand products in the basket
For the indulgent like you and me, Whittaker's chocolate, born and bred in New Zealand and now taking over the chocolate world, which is a product of chocolate lovers must not miss. You can see this is one of the groceries hunt in the photo above.

New Zealand fresh produce of strawberries, avocados, apples and kiwi fruits. Kiwi is one of my favourite fruits.
photo credit to Ruby
Good blogger groceries hunt for a good start in the morning with beloved bloggers. 

Time to count and announce on team winners
Everyone is looking nervous when the points are being counted. 

Team Issac and Ivy are the Grand Prize winners of RM250 of New Zealand products.

photo credit to Nannie
2nd Prize - Ayu and me won the RM150 of New Zealand products.

Group Blogger Groceries Hunt -Photo credit to Ayu

 Taste New Zealand is available at all Cold Storage outlets across the country from 8 October until 25 October. Taste New Zealand is a Food Fair that features the best of New Zealand produce, from wines to chocolates to fruits.

Renowned for producing some of the best-tasting dairy the world has to offer, New Zealand's leading dairy brand, Fonterra, such as Anchor butter and calcium fortified milk, Anlene and Anlene Gold. New Zealand-produced Anlene is the only clinically tested hi-cal milk in Malaysia that protects bone strength in four weeks. Tatue will also feature its popular mascarpone cheese at the fair.
RM150 worth of New Zealand products
 I like my New Zealand food bag, which contain of above New Zealand food products.
My 4 years old son so happy to grab this New Zealand Kettle Korn

If you like to take part in the contest to win New Zealand products. To participate in the contest, with every RM30 or more purchased at the Fair. Five New Zealand Food Bags worth RM500 each are up for grabs. Don't just read here, if you have interest to shop and win or love to shop for New Zealand products do check out the nearest Cold Storage.


  1. I see chocolate! hehe. Your son looks so cute and happy for getting a bag chips! :p

  2. This sounds like an exciting event. I bet you had a wonderful time!

  3. Now i know there are lots of New Zealand products there. never take not before. should shopping there sometimes. :)

  4. I loved the New Zealand food.. Love the potato crisp, the Chua drink and so on....

  5. I love pic peanut butter!! Always my fave although slightly more expensive

  6. omg so fun!! i want to join....

  7. wow.. nice event. cant make it tat day as busy with work. Miss the fun :(

  8. sound like a fun day out, did you guys get to keep the food that you found? or have ot return after the event?

  9. so fun, always imagine doing this, hunting for food and products in the super market

  10. Had a good time at the Taste New Zealand Treasure Hunt that day.

  11. Had such a good time 'hunting down' those New Zealand products with the rest of bloggers :)

  12. Looks so fun! They should organize more of these kind of activity for bloggers :p

  13. I want to experience this in future. It's nice and fun hunting food like this. :D

  14. So fun! I also wan go hunt hunt hunt!~

  15. Looks like a really fun and interactive event Sherry :) What a great experience too :D


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