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Friday, October 16, 2015


It's month of October so I am excited as next month is my birthday so I have find a lovely dress for myself. This Aztec Peplum Dress in orange colour, size UK16, I chosen from
I am a plus size mommy of two boys aged 9 years old and 4 years old. 
Being a plus size mommy, sometimes I faces problem of clothes doesn't fit me. I am sure you'll know how I feel if you can't find the right cloth to wear. 

Good news if you are size UK12 to UK16 because PLUSIFY anniversary sale is on next 
Sunday 25 October from 11am to 3pm
Be the first 30 to register to get goodie bag worth up to RM50.
Read on to find out how to register. 

Aztec Peplum Dress
This Aztec Peplum Dress on sale price RM49, normal price is RM89. 

 I am so happy today as I came home and received the parcel I ordered from

You can also check out the website as PLUSIFY carries sizes up to UK24.

Location: Plusify Studio
33-1, Jalan Suppiah Pillay,
Off Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact no.: 010-2616861 / 03 40509698

You can also check out the for more updates.


  1. Actually Plusify carries up to UK24. Thanks for the awesome time post! You look good in that dress!

  2. Hi Cheryn, yeah I am mentioning the anniversary sale size that you are having on the day.

  3. Wow sounds great for my mom too. Gotta bring her for shopping d! :D

  4. nice. plus size can get nice dresses d

  5. I think this is a great brand with lovely clothes for all of us voluptuous and slightly big boned people....too many brands carry tiny Asian sizes....huhuh

  6. The dress looks lovely on you. I hope you get to buy more on sale day.

  7. you looked lovely in the dress. :) i should check that out too. :)

  8. You look great in the dress my dear! Would pay a visit to plusify when free, thank you :)

  9. Year end and more sales coming up. Nice.

  10. Loving this look on you Sherry! Please wear it to one of the events, would love to see you in it <3

  11. you look so lovely in the dress dear, please always wear dress! So prettY!

  12. Thanks for the post, will share this with my friends who's in plus size :)

  13. Wow!!! nice red dress. Hope to see you wearing it at the event and we can take photos together.

  14. lucky you! you do look good in that dress sherry.

  15. Great choice, nice dress... Happy anniversary to plusify!

  16. You looks nice! Orange is my favorite! ;)

  17. The peplum dress looks nice on you. I'm sure there are many more pretty things from that came from. ^_^


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