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Monday, October 12, 2015

Rexona Fresh Move Event with Scha Alyahyah, Nabil Ahmad & Jihan Muse

Last week I attended a media event at Blue Concourse at Sunway Pyramid. I felt just like not long ago I attended Rexona event as last year I went to Rexona event, the event at the same venue too. 

Everyday lifestyle, we are moving everyday. Moving is a good thing but moving can cause sweat and uncomfortable body odour. The world's leading deodorant, Rexona recently teamed up with brand ambassador Scha Alyahya and campaign endosers, Nabil Ahmad and Jihan Muse to spread the "Rexona Fresh Move Campaign" through a series of humorous and educational vidoes that illustrate the more you move, the more it protects! 

Heng Hui Leng, Category Head of Deodorant, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Rexona holds the top spot for its credentials in providing the best technology to protect against sweat and odour. Rexona's patented Freshprotect responds directly to body movement - the more you move, the more it protects! Thanks to the highly- advanced microcapsules that bursts 
The "Rexona Fresh Move Campaign" advocates an active lifestyle and hope to revive the enthusiastic spirit among the youth in Malaysia by leading the youngsters to keep moving and stay fresh. 

From left Jihan Muse, Scha Alyahyah and Nabil Ahmad
In order to inspire young people to do more and not be afraid of sweat and body odour the 
"Rexona Fresh Move Campaign" stars Rexona's first-ever brand ambassador - Scha Alyahya. 
Three Rexona Fresh Move digital videos played by Scha and two renowned celebrities - Nabil Ahmad and Jihan Muse were rolled out in July this year along with a digital contest. You can find this contest info at Facebook of Rexona. Consumers were urged to participate in the Rexona Fresh Move Campaign by submitting their very own Fresh Move videos to win attractive prizes throughout the competition. 
During the media event, bloggers and the winners caught an exclusive sketch performance which was presented by Scha together with Nabil and Jihan. A never-before-seen scene where the 3 characters meet revealed the functionality of Rexona Spray with Freshprotect and how it keeps one fresh with every move. 

During the media event, I capture the movement using my Sony Camera. 
Everyone enjoying themselves and so do I. 
Makcik in yellow blouse, check out the Rexona Spray for Women the Ice Cool.
For your info Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect is available in five variants to suit the different lifestyles - Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion, Whitening and Powder Dry. 
As for Rexona Freshprotect men range, the five variants include Ice Cool, Invisible Dry, Sport Defence, Adventure and V8. 

The Rexona Fresh Move digital videos designed to encourage youngsters to move have gone viral and attracted over 5 million views on Facebook and YouTube within the past 2 months and it is still counting. 
Group photo with winners and VIPs

Rexona celebrated the success of "Rexona Fresh Move Campaign" with Scha by presenting cash prizes up to RM20,000 and hampers to the inspired and enthusiastic winners of the digital contest. 
I also use the Rexona Spray for Woman daily after my shower. 

Rexona Spray with Freshprotect Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion, Powder Dry, Ice Cool, Sport Defence, Adventure and V8 150ml bottles are priced at RM12.50 while Whitening and Invisible Dry 150ml are priced at RM13.50. The improved deodorant sprays are available at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, across Malaysia.

For mode information, you can visit



  1. Awww.. they all look so cute.... heheheh

  2. Wow look at that large mock bottle of Rexona. Hahaha! What a great time for all at the event.

  3. Their media event looks fun there! :) i kinda like this renowned brand too. Will check out their latest product

  4. I'm using rexona also.. Nice nice!~

  5. Rexona is one of the good brand that helps body odour without burning a hole in our pocket!

  6. Wah so fun! hehe. Smell good, feel great with Rexona ;D

  7. Scha is so pretty there... too bad i missed this event... perhaps next time? hehe

  8. you are everywhere! wah, so active sherry

  9. nice and good product. i am using them too

  10. Looks like a fun event Sherry :) Rexona has such a lovely range too.

  11. Currently using this but my only concern is the strong smell it leaves behond that tends to irritate my nose

  12. The event looked like a blast. Especially the performance. I'm always a fan of rexona :)

  13. Last time, I went to subway and see this launch ! My mom and I see the promo products so nice! My sis needed it hehe

  14. I am a Rexona user - forever.
    Can't live without it!

  15. This is one of the good deodorant brand that I have tried and its a long tme brand in the market.

  16. Wahhh... I peenah pakai ones produj rexona tapi dulu. Skrg mayb nak guna balik.

  17. Been hearing so much about this recently, would like to try it out too :)

  18. this is exactly what i use to keep fresh all day, no other brand that i can trust better than this


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