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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Missha Malaysia opens flagship store @ Sunway Pyramid

Last Sunday, I attended the private event of Missha at LG1, Sunway Pyramid. 
First I like to congratulations to Missha Malaysia for opening its flagship store at Sunway Pyramid on December 6, 2015. You can find the store located nearby the ice skating rink.

Missha is famous Korea beauty brand. 

Some refreshment that you can't take your eyes off. Look at the tower of macarons.

Everyone woman will like to pamper themselves. We can find Missha with wide range of cosmetics and skincare to purchase. 

 Looking for suitable nail polish? No worry as Missha has it all, just stop by at the store when you are free to check out their wide range of nail polish colour to choose from.
Shirley trying out the nail polish sample at the nail polish counter.
Variety of nail polish to choose from, they also have nail polish gel. 

 Makeup can never leave out the brushes, you can find brushes in this Missha store.
 Shopping for perfume for loved ones? How about a gift exchange during this Christmas? If you haven't come up with what gift for exchange, you can check out the perfumes that available in the store.
 Loving eye shadows and mascara, we need this everyday. So many choice to choose from.
MISSHA glitter eye shadows tester that you can test to find out which eye shadow suitable for you.

They have lip makeup that you cannot resists. So many choices and so many colors to choose from.
Who is looking for a lip crayon or lip tint? 
It can be a perfect gift for loved ones as you cannot have enough of them. 

MISSHA Signature B.B Cake price at RM145 each.
Misa Geum Sul Vitalizing BB Cake price at RM160 each
Misa Geum Sui Vitalizing BB Cake (replacement) price at RM90 each.
Look at the pretty packaging that you own. 
best selling product in Korea, The Time Revolution
Korea best selling products among the BB Cream, there are also skin care range like Time Revolution with the Time Aging Series. 
The Time Revolution - The First Treatment Essence 
The Time Revolution - Nigh Repair Science Activator Ampoule.

MISA skin care range is available if you like to try this range. 
Body and Hair care products also available. 

 Every woman need to take care of their eyes, they have eye care cream to care for your eyes.
MISSHA Creamy Latte cleansing foam price at RM35 each, they have flavour of Chocolate or Strawberry which is your choice? I have bought the MISSHA Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam. 

Skin care products that you can find in Missha. 

variety of sheet mask for face
Other than skin care products, they also have hair care products. Many cosmetics are available in the store. Next to the Sheet Mask area, there is accessories area that you can behind the makeup table.

If you have interest to shop for yourself or loved ones do check out Missha Malaysia flagship store at Sunway Pyramid. It's Christmas soon, I am sure you like to know of their Christmas Special Offers, do check out their Facebook for the info. Freebies awaiting you while stock lasts.
Instagram @misshamylove


  1. love their beautiful range of cosmetics and skincare always! i will definitely shop more there

  2. What a wonderful event. I love that it's private, so not so crowded and you get to really enjoy their products and the ambience.

  3. Missha's products are amazing Sherry and really love the concept. Very warm and welcoming yet rather chic at the same time too :)

  4. I've only seen Missha in SASA shops before, didnt know they have their own shop now! Congrats!

  5. All those colours on their shelfs so lovely! Can't wait to check out their outlet

  6. hum lots of cosmetic to choose from and i will tell my girl friend to buy from here

  7. Sighhh soooo many gorgeous new K Beauty shop but no one invite me... huhuhu... what to do I not famous... hahah

  8. paradise for women as you can get everything under one roof. love their concept!

  9. I bought the compact foundation and masks, wanted to get the oval shaped foundation brush but was out of stock. I will go back again.

  10. I love MISSHA Malaysia! We are spoilt for choices there hehe

  11. Great sharing!
    A nice place to buy gift for girlfriend :)

  12. The event look great! Gonna try this brand out when I visit there one day! Hehe, recently love so cosmetic so so mucH!

  13. yeah! agree with you, every woman would like to pamper ourself :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  14. Missha surely have a wide range of product for women. Time for shopping again XD

  15. I knew this brand few years back!!
    It is great to open a outlet at Sunway Pyramid, my favourite shooping mall!! Must drop by one day, only 15mins driving distance from my home

  16. This is my first time heard of this product. So cool huh. The lip makeup looks so nice.

  17. i love this brand a lot seriously, hope to use more of their products.

  18. another new beauty product opening. wow, girls have a good time nowadays with so many varieties to choose from.

  19. Great brand.. Wide range to choose from. Nice!

  20. Opening a store in Sunway Pyramid is a big deal, this is awesome. I hope you didnt get to spend all your money on the products because they are displayed in a move attractive way.


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