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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spend RM243.40 on my car battery

This morning when I start the car engine, it's not working. My dear opened the car bonnet to check. I called the Tayar Shop in the morning it was round 8.45am. They are opened in the morning and asked me to wait around 15 minutes as they will send someone over to change the car battery.

It is RM230 for the Myvi Century car battery. Price after inclusive of GST is RM243.40. This month I spend quite a lot money on my car. Just last week I have my car serviced and it cost nearly RM500. I was told that I need to change the car's 4 tayar because they are over due 2 years. Do you know that we are supposed to change car tyre every 3 years? I don't know that, so means that my car's tyres are 5 years old. It would be about RM800 more or less depend type of tyre to change.

I haven't change the tyres, I am still looking if there's any good deal around.

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