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Monday, December 14, 2015

Tuition centres for son

Parenting is never easy, part of it would be guiding children in education. I find that my son needs better guidance from tuition teachers as he lack of listening to me if I guide him. Next year he is Standard 4, it's getting tougher for him.

Instead of daycare tuition centre, he will be going to tuition centres instead. Hope this would help him in his studies. He is poor in Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Cina. I tried asking for tuition centres near the school, somehow they only prefer children with better grades or good grades. Yeah they told me that they will prefer to accept children who gain 60 and above in their exams. They have one class with more than 27 students. My son is poor in comprehension (karangan) for both languages of BM and Chinese.

I found two tuition centers away from home which is 5km away. One tuition center is main focus to tuition him on Chinese language that he is poor. I was told that he might need to downgrade to Standard 3 tuition if he cannot catch up in Standard 4 tuition. Well, we'll know about this when the school start as the tuition centre will need to see his process in class, to see if he can catch up or not. I understand as it's important that he needs to read more and write more in Chinese as I know it's not his favourite subject.

Many parents told me that daycare tuition centre is not good for children as they cannot learn from there. Son told me that his daycare tuition centre changes of tuition teachers several times, most teachers are SPM leavers as they are going to go college soon.


  1. well, this is sure something i will love to read my kids are getting older. thanks for the story

  2. Not easy to be parent. You are right. Hmmm...daycare tuition not good? It depends la...some daycare employ teachers from primary school...then okay la

  3. Hi Small Kucing, yeah but the tuition teacher no employ teachers from from primary school, there was one experienced teacher but she teaches other level not same level as him.


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