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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cruise with The Black Pearl - FCMS

 Here's my second post to share with you, after I blog about the time.together at Puteri Harbour officially launched. We spotted this beautiful rainbow from the Jen Hotel Puteri Harbour.
back of me is The Black Pearl - FCMS
It's surprice in the evening where media/bloggers invited by GO Communications to on board The Black Pearl - FCMS. We are the first session to take the 1.5 hours ride, before board the Black Pearl. Captain Michael Jones brief everyone about the safety procedure. 

Captain Michael Jones explaining of how to use the safety jacket

The Black Pearl, A 45ft cruiser boat that is owned by Captain Jones. Thinking of the black pearl, it reminds of me of the famous movie I have watched The Pirates of the Caribbean. He is a passionate boat owner as he likes sharing his experience of leisure with the world.

Refreshment in the cruise, bread, fruits, snacks, and drinks.

There's one room in the cruise, you can view my instagram @sherrygo for the video.
The Black Pearl - FCMS is like a home, you can find there's kitchen, a fridge, air-con, a restroom, a bedroom. 
selfie time with Mandy blogger, photo credit to Mandy

fishing on board? Why not? 
 Anyone interested to go for the fishing cruise? You can look for The Black Pearl - FCMS
photo credit to Mandy
 How I spend my time in the lower deck? I have meal time with Mandy and Miera, refreshment is served we just need to help ourselves with that.
 Everyone enjoying themselves on board The Black Pearl - FCMS, though there was rain but it didn't bother us. We have the upper deck covered, we didn't get wet by the rain.
 Captain of The Black Pearl - FCMS is friendly and he is willing to explain answer questions that everyone is curious about.

We are given the chance to hands on the wheel of The Black Pearl - FCMS.

 We were told that the upper deck cannot have everyone on board so we took turn to go upper deck.
photo credit to The Black Pearl - FCMS
 Photos were taken in the evening, it was still raining but it didn't stop any of us from enjoying ourselves. Group photo above is taken at upper deck of The Black Pearl - FCMS with Captain, can you spot me? Group photo below is taken at the lower deck.
photo credit to The Black Pearl - FCMS
We enjoy the cruise around the vicinity of Pearl Harbour. It's a wonderful experience I have through out the cruise.

If you like to know more about The Black Pearl- FCMS, please visit


  1. It was really so much fun cruising along the Tebrau Straits here with you and the others despite the rain... huhuhu

  2. It must have been a great adventure to ride the waves on Black Pearl. Hopefully you did not experience sea sick.

  3. sounds so fun to travel in the cruise with loads of people :) i wanna go too

  4. Interesting ya :) you guys looked very relaxing and had much fun

  5. What a great time you had. One could get addicted to private cruises like this.

  6. Sounds like you enjoyed the trip! :) I hope to go myself one day too. hehe

  7. Two ups love that's a ride on this cruise boat too. Great day

  8. Looks like you had a great experience Sherry dear. The atmosphere looks really nice as well :)

  9. The room can fit to how many people ya?

  10. it must be a nice experience with black pearl even though in a raining day :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. Yea sadly the rain ruin pretty much of the view if not we could have a spectacular sunset cruise :(

  12. Looks like everyone had fun cruising there!

  13. Interesting, never try before, I wish I get to experience it too one day :)

  14. Happy to catch up with you on black pearl especially when only two of us in the bed room...hehe...

  15. that is so fun to be able to ride in the cruise! how nice if can stay overnight in there too


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