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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Top 8 Tips for Simple Nail Art Hacks and Tricks

Chinese New Year is coming soon, ladies have you plan to pamper yourself? If you have Instagram, you'll see many creative nail manicure. Trim nails are not just for woman but also for kids and man too, we need to know how to take care our nails.

Apart from the millions of likes that you can get on Instagram when you post photos of your nails on such occasions as #ManicureMonday, another great thing about your nail art is that you can experiment with a myriad of new looks and designs every time. In fact, with our simple hacks and tricks below, there is no reason why you can’t create your own homemade salon-worthy nail art right from the comfort of your sofa! To make sure your hands look their absolute best, remember also to get matching jewelry, which you can buy on a bargain at Bloomingdales whenever you use a Discountrue coupon.

1. Tidying Up Your Manicure

The most effective way to get rid of any extra nail polish that gets onto your cuticles is by using a tiny paint brush dipped in nail remover. In addition to eliminating the possibility of fuzzy hairs (such as those left behind by a cotton swab), such a brush has fine bristles that easily get in between your finger’s side wall and its nail.

2. Creating a Perfect French Manicure

Use a rubber band to create your own perfect French manicure at home. First, tie a rubber band in the middle. Then loop one of its ends over your thumb to create some tension on the band. Finally, create a French tip shape by aligning its other end over the top of your nail. This way, you are going to have a curved line that you can use as a stencil when painting the tip of your nail.

3. Create a Cool Ombre Mani

The trick for this one is to use a sponge. Begin by painting your finger nails with your favorite lightest color to act as your base. Then, on a clean flat surface, swirl the two polishes together using a toothpick. Finally, dab a sponge onto the polish mixture a few times and blot it onto your tips!

4. Apply Studs or Rhinestones

This DIY nail art hack uses a toothpick or orange stick. Start by dipping the tip of the stick into your topcoat so that it picks up the stud. This allows you to have control to place it wherever you want to on your nails.

5. Creating a Cool Textured Effect

This hack makes use of a paper towel. All you need to do is to simply paint some generous amount of nail polish onto the paper towel, and then dab it down onto your dry manicure for a Cool Textured Effect of beauty on your finger nails.

6. Removing Stubborn Glitter Nail Polish or Gels

This nail art trick requires you to find some foil. Start by soaking a cotton pad in acetone nail-polish remover. Then place it on each of your finger nails and wrap them in foil for 10-15 minutes. This gets rid of any stubborn glitter nail polish or gel in no time.

7. Creating Flawless Manicure Designs Using Blue Painters Tape as Stencil

This is another DIY nail art trick that you can use to enhance your overall nail beauty. When blue painters tape is used as a stencil to create this kind of Flawless Manicure Designs, it comes right off and doesn’t stick to the polish on your finger nails like many other types of tape do.

8. Creating Streak-free Designs

To make use of this trick all you need is a sharpie. First, apply a base color. Then use a thin sharpie to draw cool DIY streak-free designs of your choice straight on your nail polish. Simple and effective!

Now this coming Chinese New Year or during festive season we can check out these tips to try.


  1. oooh the post is just in time for me. I really got no time to visit the nail salons this CNY.

  2. i definitely need to try the trick to remove nail glitter, it was so tough to remove mine for the longest time

  3. Good tips! I don't think I have the time to get my nails done professionally so your tips here will be nice and helpful! THANX ya!

  4. this is a great post... since cannot go get nails done professionally because not enough money or because all manicures shop too busy, can do yourself... hehehe

  5. I'm a clumsy person, usually will let the pro to do my nail art :)

  6. great tips sherry. Happy Chinese New Year!

  7. Great tips! I would love to see photos tho so that i can copy the design :p

  8. Great nail hacks! Simple and easy to get pretty nails for cny


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