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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lost World Hotel Tambun Sunway

On Tuesday I was away because I have media trip to Lost World HotSpring & Spa.
We arrived the hotel around 4.30pm from Sunway Lagoon.
We depart from Sunway Lagoon at 2.15pm by mini coach.
The night we spend the night at Lost World Hotel Tambun Sunway.
 The location of the hotel is next to housing area, the housing area is all fence up along the road.
My room for the night, with my room mate Ayue. 

 Loving this room as there's huge mirror just outside the restroom. There is no bath robe in the room because the hotel do not have swimming pool. The Lost World HotSpring & Spa is just located across the street of the hotel. It is just 3 minutes of walking distance and breakfast buffet in the morning is over there.

Before getting my room, I went to reception to check for my name and get my room card. The card also consists of vouchers to use for enter the Hot Spring and also breakfast for next morning. There's a 10% discount voucher for enter the Hot Spring use for the next day but we didn't use it as we have tour in morning. The discount voucher expired the next day itself.

  There is no bath tub in the restroom, just simple shower stand. Hairdryer in the restroom for your convenient to use. There are tooth brushes for 2 pax and shower gel/shampoo. An extra roll of toilet paper in the restroom. The towel is located outside the room above the safe box near the door entrance.

 Nice long table where you can write your diary if you have one. 
Coffee or Tea? 
Two bottle of drinking water. 

 Snacks in the room with fruits on it that we can grab to eat.

The hall that we entering for looking the room after coming out from the lift.

done prepared ourselves for the evening event at HotSpring

The room do not have iron or iron board, so we have to call the front office or operator or housekeeping to request.

There's a Paparich located nearby the hotel but for us that prefer a light food to eat. We can walk 10min to reach the nearby 24 hours McDonalds.

Stay tune to find out about the Last World HotSpring & Spa.


  1. Sound like a good hotel to stay.

  2. Hi Rose, yeah nice hotel to stay just across street is the Lost World Hot Spring

  3. Wow only now I know Sunway also got Lost World Hotel!

  4. Wow! I love your hotel room. it looks cozy and clean. not bad! Hopefully got chance to pay a visit to tambum.

  5. This is my favorite stay in Ipoh so far whenever I travel to Ipoh...I enjoy the most the hot spring at night :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  6. Stayed here before, it is a nice basic hotel.. and yes, lost world of tambun is just right opposite.. if you drive like I did, Giant is also very close by

  7. the room looks simple. good to hear that there are PappaRich and McD around

  8. will pen this in for the next trip with the troopers for the school holidays. cuti-cuti malaysia is good contrary to what people think that only overseas destinations are impressive.

  9. nice place! I have not really visited this place even though i stay 45 minutes away from the place. I know it's a shame.. =/ but definitely i will drop by next time :D

  10. Hi dear how I wish I get the chance to go there with you. Miss the days we lepak together. :)

  11. Stayed here before and yes the room is really basic yet comfortable

  12. So syok! Can go relax and have a short trip.. envy envy!

  13. It was a fun day and night out at Lost World of Tambun. And the stay at the hotel was relaxing too. Nice to hang out with you, Sherry!

  14. Such a nice trip! you sound like you had an enjoyable trip :D

  15. The hotel look so cool! Glad you have enjoyed your stay

  16. Haven't been to Lost World Hotel Tambun Sunway yet, the room looks neat and comfortable to stay :)

  17. nice new layout. would prefer your pictures bigger =)

  18. hi, Wilson thanks for advice, I have edit the photos.

  19. Wow so nice get to go to stay at this hotel. I think its a good destination for family outing and holiday.

  20. Its good to have a nice hotel near the waterpark..suitable for one or two days vacay.. 😊


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