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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa, Your Twilight Escape Begins!

Last week, I was invited as media blogger to go Lost World Hot Springs & Spa at Tambun, Ipoh, Perak. The day we checked in the Lost World Hotel as the event is happening in the evening at 7.30pm. Ipoh is a beautiful town, I missed it alot because I studied at secondary school there until completed my SPM. 

Ipoh's favourite theme park, Lost World of Tambun's newest addition to Lost World Hot Springs & Spa (LWHSS) is set to open to visitors to enjoy. The Lost World Hot Springs and Spa have come a long way, it was an undiscovered diamond with 3.3 million litre of geothermal hot springs water generated daily. 


I done simple blog post on Lost World Petting Zoo, you can click on the link to read about it.

The night was young, we saw nice performance there.

Lost World Ipoh Street
 We get to have food tasting at Lost World Ipoh Street in the evening. Scroll down to see more photos.

Ipoh White Coffee that I have at least two cups in the night.
 Ipoh Tau Fu Fah which is everyone's favourite, one bowl is not enough after eating we go back to queue for more.
 Fellow bloggers friends Nannie and Bella enjoying their Ipoh Tau Fu Fah.

 It's along queue for the Chicken Mutton Soup and Ipoh Curry Mee.

 Dining on the water? Have you tried that? It was fun for us to dine there.
LWHSS also comes to alive at night with entertainment and food.
The Lost World Flaming Percussion fills the night with live music and hair-raising performances, you'll be entertained all night long. 

The All New Lost World Hot Springs & Spa! It's a getaway a bliss and relaxation for all ages. 
It has a total of 15 attractions consisting of 13 pools, 3 private huts and Crystal Spa. 

Sapphiras Lair
5 of their newest hot springs pools, a 25ft gushing waterfall and for the adrenaline seekers and an exhilarating hot springs body slide.

Sapphira's Lair is a delightful world complete with radiant and colorful lights to illuminate the night. The Saphira's Lair is the home of Saphira the green dragon, where she is reigns supreme comfort amidst pools with temperatures of up to 40 celcius. Sapphira's Baby Pool is an extension of Saphira's Lair specially designed to provide a safe play area for infants and toddlers while enjoying the benefits of hot springs water which promotes blood circulation and healthy growth.

Crystal pool
Adding to the excitement is the Crystal Pool. This pool is specially designed with crystal tiles that glimmer, reflecting the sunlight by day and luminous lights by night. Bathed in colourful lights, reflecting the sunlight by day and luminous lights by night. Bathed in colourful lights, The Crystal Pool would make an evening dip interesting and visually relaxing. The Crystal Pool can also be privately reserved as a VIP pool or a Ladies only pool. The temperature is at 40 Celsius.

Lost World Steam Cave. At the end of the Infinity Pool is the Lost World Stam Cave. Experience the true relaxation with Lost World Steam Cave, a great respite after long stressful day. The steam cave which acts as a sauna promotes the action of sweating where toxins and wastes are expelled through the pores in the epidermis leaving the dermis clean and refreshed. The high temperature also promotes blood circulation.

The Geyser of Tambun erupts with thermal hot springs water up to 40 feet in the air every hour wtih a tremendous roar, it's truly a sight to behold. With subtle lighting effects it exudes a beautiful experience for those who visit at night.

The Crystal Spa offers hot springs spa treatments to restore a natural state of balance and enhance one's youthfulness while driving your body a total wind down. The spa offers Aromatherapy Massage, head & shoulder massage and even a full body massage, all within the privacy and comfort of your own massage hut. You will be pampered and treated to an invigorating massage of your choice and feel rejunevated from the inside out. 

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa Operating Hours
Opens Daily 6pm to 11pm

Lost World of Tambun Operating Hours are 11am to 6pm
Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday it is 10am to 6pm.
During public holidays and school holidays the hours are 10am to 6pm. 
The park is closed on Tuesdays except during public holidays and school holidays.

For more information visit 


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