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Monday, May 16, 2016

Dining @foodrepublic 1 Utama Shopping Mall

Soto RM8.90 - Indonesian cuisine
When you are having a time off, it's time do dine with family and friends. One Utama Shopping Centre is one of my favourite mall as they are cinemas there that I like to go watch movies. Have you dine in foodrepublic before?

It's been a long time I haven't been to Indonesia for a long time, I missed the Indonesian cuisine. One of the famous Indonesian cuisine that I know is Ayam Penyet. Another is Soto, also known as sroto, tauto, or coto. is a traditional Indonesian soup.

The Ayam Penyet's fried chicken is crispy and yummy, found out that they have fried again before serving.
Ayam Penyet RM12.90- Indonesian cuisine
Spaghetti salmon RM21.10 - Western Cuisine
 Western Cuisine where you can find pastas and a selection of grilled, roasted and fried meats and fish.
Since some of my friends prefer Western Cuisine, they ordered the Spaghetti Salmon and Chicken Chop. Both are value for money, my friends that working nearby told me that they like to eat there because they enjoy their meal and the cost within their budget.

Chicken chop RM13.70 - Western Cuisine
Who is a fan of Korea tv drama? Are you a fan of Korean food as well? Have you tried the Miro Korean Delight?

Some of my friends been asking and telling me that they have budget in dining in One Utama. What to eat and where to eat before going for movies. I find it's good to share this post with them as they like to dine in one place that they can eat and chat together.
Sundubu Jigae RM13.50- Miro Korean Delight
Sundubu Jigae is hot and spicy, it's for you if you like to eat spicy food. A raw egg is put in the jjiage, and typically eaten with a bowl of cooked white rice and some side dishes.
Sundubu Jigae - Miro Korean Delight
Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish, the word literally means 'mixed rice'. The sauce is not spicy, it's use to pour in the bowl to mix and eat. A fried egg and slice beef, and sliced vegetables. The dish is stirred together thoroughly just before eating.
Bibimbap RM12.50 - Miro Korean Delight
Stingray RM6.90 x 100gram-Hot plate
Local noodles and hot plate seafood, how about hot plate stingray with a bowl of rice. There's slices of lady fingers with stingray, my friend says it's just nice for her.

Hot Plate has been of my son's favourite meal, he likes to eat the sizzling noodle with egg. We can choose to have other type of noodle but my son's choice would be emee noodle.
Sizzling noodle with egg RM8.90 - Hot Plate
When you are nearby 1 Utama and thinking of what to have for lunch or dinner, why not check out the foodrepublic in 1 Utama Shopping Mall. Foodrepublic is pork free and lark free. Its the place where I told my friends they can dine and enjoy different meals at one time together. It is located at second floor (Rain forest section) of the highly accessible 1 Utama Shopping Mall.

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