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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Launch of Rediscovering Chinese Festivals Programme and Making Charity Rice Dumplings with TVB Artistes and Longevity Cookware

Astro Channel's Wah Lai Toi and TVB Artistes Sharon Chan and Lai Lok-yi
 Malaysia is a nation where a rich variety of Chinese dialects thrive. Each group with a different dialect bring with them their own unique culture and heritage. Realising our younger generations are gradually forgetting our rich cultural heritage, Pensonic, together with Astro Channel's Wah Lai Toi and TVB Artistes Sharon Chan and Lai Lok-yi, have come up with a special show that highlights the “AUSPICIOUS FESTIVAL” Chinese Festival that are divided into three segments. The segments are the Duan Wu (Rice Dumpling) Festival, Mooncake (Mid-Autumn) Festival and the Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice) Festival where Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls) are shared among family members. The Duan Wu (Rice Dumpling) Festival segment titled “AUSPICIOUS FESTIVAL - Rice Dumpling Festival” that comprises 2 episodes that are 30 minutes each, will be aired on May 29, Sunday & June 5, Sunday 8pm were shooting took place in
Penang & Malacca. Episode 3rd & 4th Auspicious Festival - Mooncake Festival @ Early September and episodes 5th & 6th Auspicious Festival - Winter Solstice Festival @ Early December. Auspicious Festival Program will be air on:
1. Astro Wah Lai Toi Ch.311
2. Astro Wah Lai Toi HD Ch.310
3. TVB Jade Channel Ch.326 

The first part of this festival show focuses on the Rice Dumpling Festival where the viewers rediscover the beauty and traditional art of making rice dumplings. Duan Wu Jie or Dumpling Festival is celebrated on the Chinese lunar calendar's fifth day of the fifth month. This sticky rice dumpling is a traditional Chinese delicacy prepared and enjoyed during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Viewers are taken on a discovery culinary adventure to Penang and Melaka, the two cities most richest in historical heritage in search of the most sumptuous and authentic rice dumplings, where the best rice dumpling culinary wizards are interviewed. The dumpling makers themselves will share their secrets and passion for the art from the beginning until the end. This will include preparing the ingredients, cooking and artful wrapping of the cooked ingredients into a delectable masterpiece before the rice dumplings are steamed.

There is nowhere else other than Malaysia can one taste a delightful melange of rice dumplings that showcase the distinctive dumpling making creativity of the different Chinese dialect groups such the Teochew dumplings, Hokkien meat dumplings, Hakka's salty dumplings, Cantonese green beans dumplings to even the local fusion of Nyonya dumplings, which is definitely a not to be missed treat.

The delightful taste and aroma of rice dumplings also bring fond memories of families sharing this flavoursome, traditional bites with family members. Rice dumplings are a reflection of family closeness and traditions that are passed from generation to generation. To sum it all up, it is a collective memory of traditions, family and our way of life.

Pensonic's Longevity Series Cookware will be used by the TVB Artistes to prepare the sticky rice and delicious fillings right from the start to the end of the rice dumpling cooking session, therefore viewers will get to see for themselves the versatility of the Longevity range multifunction products in preparing a nutrition rich and tasty dish.

This unique Cookware is like a fresh breath of air in the congested world of kitchen cookware. Pensonic's Longevity Series Cookware brings the highly prized nutrition and taste preserving Purple Clay cookware, as well as the safe and healthy Ceramic cookware to help consumers create wholesome meals that are delicious, yet so easy to prepare. Having a set of Pensonic's Longevity Series Cookware is a long term health investment, where you get to reap the benefits of robust health through consuming the nutrient packed food prepared using this cookware.

From the left:
Ms. Khor Yuyin (又尹), Yayasan Nanyang Press Manager
Ms. Rachel Chan (丽丽), Feng Yi Rice Dumpling Director
Mr. Nelson Chew (周俊方), Pensonic Executive Director

In conjunction with Mother's Day and Rice Dumpling Festival, Pensonic also gave its consumers a golden opportunity to get up close with TVB Artistes. We had a Mother's Day message contest from the 6 to 12 May 2016 titled "Make Charity Rice Dumplings with TVB Artistes" where five winners were chosen based on the most creative Mother's Day messages. Each of the winners got the opportunity to bring a partner along to the rice dumpling making event with TVB Artistes that was held at Paradigm Mall, Level CC, Concourse Square, Kuala Lumpur on the 14 May 2016 (Saturday). I was one of the winner, and my partner to team is my son to competed against other teams and the best team emerged as the grand winner to go on stage to make rice dumplings with TVB Artistes. The rice dumplings made by the winners and their partners together with the TVB Artistes were later auctioned off.

one of the winner is happy with her favourite TVB Artist together making dumplings.
 It's a memorable Mother's Day for me as I get to make charity rice dumplings with my son. It's a good bonding time for both of us and learning about making dumplings too.

group photo of winners with TVB Artistes, can you spot me and son?

One of the most renowned rice dumpling makers in Penang, Feng Yi Dumplings (Aunty Fong) graciously sponsored the rice dumplings sold during the event that were priced at RM50.00 for a pack of two dumplings. Being a caring company that regularly contributes to a number of charitable organisations, Pensonic channelled all the proceeds from the rice dumpling auction and the Feng Yi Dumplings sales to benefit the Autism Section of the Nanyang Press Fund.

FB winners will be learning from Ms. Rachel Chan (丽丽), Feng Yi Rice Dumpling Director, on how to make dumplings.

Pensonic's Longevity Series Cookware that was used during this "Make Charity Rice Dumplings with TVB Artistes" contest and the Auspicious Festival programme is a premium series cookware that makes preparing nutritious home cooked meals a delightful experience. The five cookware items in this series are two nutrition enhancing Purple Clay Rice Cookers, two ceramic double boilers and a ceramic steamer.Each cookware is designed to enable optimum cooking using the healthiest cooking methods and preserve natural food nutrients including its vitamins, minerals, taste, texture and colour, making this series the best choice for both discerning cooks and all who value wellness.

The two rice cookers are made from Purple Clay. The unique Purple Clay, found only in Yixing, China, has a rare blend of minerals making it more durable and porous after it is fired compared to other types of clay. Purple Clay's porous nature renders this type of clay excellent at absorbing and retaining flavours, aroma and taste of food.

The Purple Clay Multi-purpose Rice Cooker PRC-20AC comes with a 2L high quality Purple Clay inner pot and double lid that ensure food is cooked thoroughly with the nutrition and taste intact. It has a variety of sumptuous functions that include fluffy white rice, tasty clay pot rice, rich glutinous rice, deliciously comforting congee and nutritious, simmering soups. If you need to cook a larger quantity, then the Purple Clay Rice Cooker PSR-30AC is a perfect choice as it has a 3L capacity and double lid for preparing bigger quantities of rice, porridges and soups.

The other three cookware are ceramic cookware, making these cookware a very healthy investment as this excellent quality cookware doesn't leach chemicals or metals into food that is being cooked. It does not retain any odour or taste from the previously cooked dish. Ceramic Double Boiler PDB-283 and PDB-453 are both perfect for making full bodied nourishing stews, a variety of nutritious steamed dishes and nourishing porridges. While both models have clear transparent lids to observe cooking progress, the Ceramic Double Boiler PDB-453 has a slightly bigger capacity of 2.5L with three extra 0.5L bowls compared to the 2.2L PDB-283 that comes with two extra 0.5L bowls.

The Ceramic Steamer PSM-1604, comes with a myriad of functions to cook an assortment of dishes such as Rice, Meat, Corn, Chicken, Ribs, Vegetables and Dessert, and will satisfy the needs of even the most creative cooks. The two 3L bowls allow flexibility to explore and create more dishes at the same time, saving considerable amount of time and energy.

Pensonic is giving away two books that are very informative with easy to prepare recipes to consumers with every purchase of Pensonic's Longevity Series Cookware. The first recipe book is a comprehensive collection of detoxification recipe book for two full weeks that has a shopping list, explanation of how each ingredient helps in cleansing and maintaining the body's various systems in good condition, as well as step by step instructions of each recipe. The second book contains selected recipes from this first book.

While this second recipe book is included together with each product packaging, the first recipe book will be available only while stocks last, so hurry on to your nearest Pensonic dealer and get your Longevity Series Cookware today! Just send them the softcopy of your scanned warranty card together with your details to collect this book from Pensonic's Penang or Petaling Jaya Customer CareCentres. Please visit Pensonic Facebook page for more information on how to get your free copy of this amazing book.

About Pensonic
The Pensonic Group has a legacy of 50 years since it was first founded in 1965 as Keat Radio and Electrical Co. in Balik Pulau, Penang. As the business grew, the Pensonic brand, which means ''Sound of Penang" was established in 1982. A local brand established in Penang, Malaysia, Pensonic is a leading Malaysian Electrical Home Appliances manufacturer that has received a number accolades for design excellence and branding initiatives. Pensonic, supported by a complete host of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, showrooms and customer care centres, has a domestic distribution network of 10 branches with more than 900 dealers countrywide, and exports products to more than 30 countries in ASEAN, East and West Asia, and the Middle-East.

Please visit or contact Pensonic Careline: 1-800-881-770 for more information.

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